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'Catastrophic' Avira antivirus update bricks Windows PCs


A narrow escape

I dumped Avira last week, having got fed up with its constant advertising, and _re-writing_ of my Windows permissions.

Looks like I was just in time!

UK.gov sticks to IE 6 cos it's more 'cost effective', innit


They don't have to stick with IE for everything

The company I work foir also uses IE6, beause our software won't work with anything else (we've tried). However, all the PCs have Firefox installed, and company policy is to use that for everything that isn't IE-specific.

Ofcom consultation brings out the tinfoil hatters


It's the loudness wars ....

Vodafone are missing the point if they think this increase (from 1.5kW to around 6.3kW) will actually make a significant difference to their coverage. 3G using frequencies around 2GHz and propagation is pretty much line-of-sight. If you can see the mast, it will work, if you can't, it won't. Actual emitted power doesn't make much difference except on the fringe of the service area (which will be in another cell anyway).

If I wanted to be cynical, I would say that the point of this power hike is to ensure that the handsets find their network first - though I won't suggest the idea is to de-sense them sufficiently to miss the network the user is subscribed to.

And although I'm not a tin-foil-hat type, I can't say I'd be awfully happy being very close to a source of similar frequency to, and three to four times the output of, a microwave oven.

Bloke threatens BT with giant plywood cheque


BT Breaking the law?

If they have admitted it costs them little or nothing to pay online (or indeed by BACS), can they legally charge for doing so?

I won't pay them by DD, they overcharge me on almost every bill. (And for many years, my cheques have been made out to British TelecoN, and never been queried!)


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