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BOFH: Die, Robot

Justin 11

£17K? Bah! A mere trinket.

Oops! Simon messed up!

If he thinks that wasting 17K to protect some tea bags is bad he should have a look at some of our esteemed public services. (*cough* Home Office *cough*)

No, really!

Rogue San Fran BOFH given 4 years

Justin 11
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I sort of have a sneaking sympathy...

... for this guy. I have had bosses who insisted on having the root password, though the idea of them logging onto the system kept me awake at night. Still, he might have gone about it another way - I'll think of something :P

BOFH: Little ups and downs

Justin 11

There are some who only need down... ALL the way.

(Sigh!) If only there were a way to install a "go straight to hell and suffer for all eternity" button, I could think of one purchaser I'd persuade to press it. "Press doors-open AND doors-close AND 6 three times and it'll take you to a place where they think it really *is* a good idea to modify an expert sysadmin's order to your criteria".

Sorry, but I feel better now.

China routing snafu briefly mangles interweb

Justin 11
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Reminds me of an old saying...

"Never assume malignant intent when it could just be pure incompetence."

Or something like that.

Still, with their track record...

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