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Li-Ion battery design 'flawed'

Jim Sissel

Re: This isn't anything new or startling

Yes, this isn't anything new. And the % chances are very small. However, you suddenly developing cancer won't cause a plane to crash like an exploding battery and the resulting fire.

Use of web archive was not hacking, says US court

Jim Sissel


If they don't want people reading the pages the only sure way of doing that is to not put them on the Internet. The judge blew this one in his ruling that robots.txt is in any was a DCMA measure. His ruling should have been very clear and plain.


T-Mobile in court over Truphone call blocks

Jim Sissel

Let's all jump off a cliff

"...the other UK mobile network operators have all agreed to interconnect at Truphone's rates"

So if everybody else jumps off a cliff then you would too?

I'm not saying this is what's happening but the article really doesn't give enough information.

'Suspicious looking' man hauled off translatlantic flight

Jim Sissel

Diverted the flight

Ya, they diverted the flight. But to where? Some litte podunk airport where if the plane exploded it would do no damage? Or to JFK where if it went up massive loss of life and property damage would happen. What are these people thinking?

And for those of you who are listening ... how many elderly, white grannys are involved in terrorism? How many of the terrorists have been "brown"? It wasn't the fact that this guy was just "brown" but ALSO was doing other things that seemed strange. Pull your heads out of the sand.

Brown dwarf cools its jets

Jim Sissel

The Earth is Round?

And let's not foget the Earth, as commonly believed now, is round. So that 40km would have to be a straight line from person to coin. That would mean x-ray vision through the Earth.

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