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Apple unveils tightened Mountain Lion requirements

Colin Hillier

Re: but....

...or you could just upgrade. It's less than £20.

RIM boss denies cratering Canucks are in 'a death spiral'

Colin Hillier
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One of two COOs

...says it all really.

Piles of unshiftable HP fondle-slabs choke Best Buy

Colin Hillier
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Does it work?

I picked one up in Car phone Warehouse the other day and I have to say it seemed like a nice tablet, on a par with iPad 1.

However it just didn't really work properly. Applications took an age to load and the thing would grind to a halt once a few apps were open. To boot, a few web pages I tried just gave the 'your browser is not supported' error...

The Economist publishes iPad app

Colin Hillier
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At last...

How long did that take?

Maybe now I'll actually read the thing...

Tesco touts Samsung Android tablet

Colin Hillier

Come on...

*** iPhone4 is half the weight!

*** iPhone4 has the same features plus TWO cameras

*** iPbone4 is more portable and fits in your pocket!!

Come on, don't you get it people - this POS is DOA!?!??! Lolz

Carphone Warehouse slashes Samsung Galaxy Tab price

Colin Hillier

So, let's see...

It's the same price as the equivalent iPad but with a smaller screen? And less apps...

What was its USP again?

Samsung gives sneak peak of iPad basher

Colin Hillier

Fatal error...

I can't access the site on my iPad, so how will they ever tempt me over?

RIM lights a candle for the BlackBerry Torch

Colin Hillier

Can't wait to see this bomb...

...after the first reviews.

Reports are coming in the already that the UI is laggy. If RIM had any concept of usability, they'd have done it in their previous incarnations...

iPad anti-virus shield guards against phantom threat

Colin Hillier


I look forward to all the complaints if they ever allow stuff like this to work in the background.

"Why's my iPad half as fast and only got 3 hour battery life?"


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