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Asset management And Service Management


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I did not realize how valuable IT asset management tools were and honestly found that they were way too pricey. My IT department used a free download three weeks ago with Desk Center USA. Not only was I not in compliance (which scares me) but I realized that not having these such tools I was over spending. Since the free download, I purchased the software with Desk Center and have already cut costs of approx. 18% and still counting. I had no idea that my computers were running all night and most weekends, now with this software from Desk Center all my computers can be shut down when not being used. I have learned so much about my own business and I am more aware of compliance.

I am thankful for the software and the people at Desk Center and the great deal we worked out. My business could not have afforded it otherwise and now I won't run my business without it. Knowing what I know now, I cannot see how a small or medium size business can run efficiently without this type of software.



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