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Brit regulator pats self on back over nuisance call reduction: It's just 4 billion now!

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Re: Solution at the end user, er..., end

Not quite in the $50 price range but since installing one of these I have had a grand total of zero junk calls get through


Beeb flings millions more £s at Capita for telly tax collection

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Re: Article 8 test case?

SORN has to be renewed every 12 months

Wannabe Prime Minister Andrea Leadsom thinks all websites should be rated – just like movies

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We don't elect Prime Ministers in the UK, we elect a Government. The Government is formed from the party (or coalition) that gets more votes than any of the others. The Prime Minister by convention is the leader of that party.

This is in no way the first time this has happened, it has happened 7 times since 1945 (Churchill/Eden/Macmillan/Douglas Home, Wilson/Callaghan, Thatcher/Major, Blair/Brown)

Cops use terror powers to lift BBC man's laptop after ISIS interview

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Re: Note to those who don't want to be subject to RIPA

Yep, then expect two years inside for refusing to provide access.

EU to accuse Ireland of giving Apple an overly peachy tax deal – report

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Re: Harmonisation

It most certainly is not. The last thing we need is harmonised taxes and it's not going to happen outside of the Euro countries.

What is needed is the end of the - EU sanctioned - arrangements where a company can domicile itself in one EU country and then pay all of it's corporation tax in that country. Rather, these companies (all of them, not just Apple or Google or Starbucks) pay tax in the country that the profit was made and not be able to claim that they made no profit in the UK because their nasty Irish (or Lux or wherever) parent company charged them lots for stock

Fleet of driverless pods to take over Milton Keynes town centre

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Faces the same legal issues as driverless cars

So, when this automated device crashes into someone's car or runs over a pedestrian (which it will it some point) where does the liability lie? Cannot be the occupant if they have no real time control over it, pretty sure the council won't want to be paying out, likewise with the manufacturer.

Google 'will be pulled back in front of MPs' on its UK tax affairs

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Re: Another PR stunt by MPs

Knock yourself out


Apple prices up iPad for UK

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Re: Of course you can't buy in the USA

Except of course that $499 (before tax) is about £338.42 so would not liable for duty or VAT (I'm assuming you can reclaim US tax on departure which may not be true)

iPad security broken in less than 24 hours

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RE: Hey, what about me?

Yes you are:





Spotted the trend yet?


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