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So, what IS the worst film ever made?


the postman

apparently that Heaven's Gate mob in San diego watched this prior to offing themselves, and if it weren't for copious amounts of vodka to numb the pain, i'd be tempted to follow suit.

Whale versus shark in KIWI DEATH MATCH!



..."if you're in Oz they will have been stolen by now anyway"...

you left out the 'by a kiwi' bit.

I worked in a juvenile detention centre to pay for my uni fees, and sadly over 40% of the detainees identified as kiwi.

Apple pulls games subs app DAYS after approving it


and there's always this one


nothing in the T & Cs..... just remove apps according to someone's arbitrary brain fart


why would it be like apple to fuck over a dev?

errrm because they have previous form for fucking over anyone they feel like and other general asshattery?

here's a fine example:


I also seem to recall an app dev company that had gone through the whole research, dev, QA etc with apple's involvement only to have apple shitcan them anyway. it was reported here on el reg, and i'd link it except i cant remember the specifics and i'm too lazy to go looking for another link. someone else may recall it though

Whinging Brits reflect on epic Oz road trip


no skippies?

did you do ANY driving around/after dusk?

Nude lady recreates Star Wars tauntaun scene in dead horse


In other news

A woman has been arrested on the Dagobar System for public indecency and House Breaking offences. Home owner Yoda says he is 'gutted' that he wasn't there to defend his home.

Steve Jobs carried 'ninja throwing stars' in hand luggage


the bootnote update

behold! no mundane disappearing in a puff of smoke for ninja steve... he's gone and made the rest of the world disappear instead.

Oz pedestrians fall to 'Death by iPod'


aaah the pedestrian council of oztraylia

these guys are generally considered to be on the christmas mix side of nutjobs.

their usual fare is to attempt to tap into any anti<insert random vehicle type here> sentiments to promote their cause. usually it's 4x4s (preferably sporting a roo bar), but can extend to vans, trucks, pushbikes, lame horses, donkeys bearing the messiah, etc. if they've once hit a pedestrian, the PCA will want to ban it. and of course it goes without saying that it's never the pedestrian's fault... ever.

'It's as though I've got Jonathan Ive's personal tool in my...'


oh it's twoo!

Baby please, I am not from Havana!

Wikileaks video shows US gunfire on Reuters staff


new rules regarding journalists

I've heard that the US gov't are proposing new dress rules to help identify journalists. I'm told they're suggesting shirts with a series of concentric rings in alternating red and white.

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