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Review: Nokia Lumia 720

Tim Reeves

Re: Almost perfect


Your post explains a lot, I sell phones and always have repeat customers as I always manage to get people the phone that works best for them, and can you guess what this is based on? Yep that's right, the OS. I find it fascinating that someone who helped create a phone OS would believe the consumer has no interest in it, but i fully understand where you're coming from as I didn't have a single customer come in and say any positive words about Symbian, ever. I hate to say it but it was about time symbian was closed it was hugely flawed and un-intuitive and with staff with an attitude like yours it is no wonder.

Personally I thought the review was spot on going by my experience with the rest of the lumia range and this would undoubtedly become my 'go-to' first recommendation to anyone new to smartphones who wanted a fairly desirable bit of kit.

and just fyi to break it down into stereo-typical groups of who gets along with what OS

iOS - People already in the apple ecsystem

Android - chavs, geeks, kids

Win Pho - People new to smartphones, the elderly, professionals with cool jobs (designers, engineers)

Blackberry (pre 10) - Dumb "business women", people afraid to move away from BB, 13 year old girls, certain racial groups

symbian - builders "gimme your cheapest nokia, I'll break it next week"


Three zeroes Samsung Galaxy S II upfront fee

Tim Reeves

Can be had much much cheaper...

Alternatively you can find this phone with double the minutes and triple the data for £17.88 a month with line rental redemption, even without the hassle of the redemption it's only £26 a month and on a network that's not a complete travesty.

Good try at bagging yourself a freebie though


LG names smartphone Android 4.0 recipients

Tim Reeves

Next month?

So i guess all that promise of the GB update won't be fulfilled...

Hopefully they will do some work on the radio as the Optimus 2X can hold a signal about as well as it can hold a party.



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