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Here come the riled MPs (it's private, huh), Facebook's a digital 'gangster' ('disingen-u-ous'). Zuckerberg he is a failure (on sharing data)



The sooner that everyone realises that everything on Facebook is either distorted or totally fake the better.

Sigfox cracks open IoT radio protocol specs for world+dog (+badgers?)


Re: The British love Badgers and Honey

Never mess with a Honey Badger- they will take on anything -regardless of size.

Pandas so useless they just look at delicious kid who fell into enclosure


Re: Had the chance to pose with one once

No drugs were needed by the look of it

Dratted hipster UX designers stole my corporate app


Re: Do what Microsoft used to do...

That must have been A Long Time Ago (like some fairy tales)


Re: Do what Microsoft used to do...

I suspect that those were a very long time ago.

Return of the audio format wars and other money-making scams


Re: If you're looking for a challenge...

Of course for baroque the orchestra will need to use gut strings and retune to A=415Hz (instead of 440Hz for classical and romantic)

Wells Fargo? Well fscked at the moment: Data center up in smoke, bank website, app down


bad update maybe??

The one with the 'halt and catch fire' instruction

Using WhatsApp for your business comms? It's either that or reinstall Lotus Notes


Re: Oh deary dear...

The main reasons we use WhatsApp for operational use is that it is encrypted and everyone had it on their phone anyway. There is a site-to-site ( secure?) video conferencing system, but takes 10 minutes to get it working.

Data hackers are like toilet ninjas. This is not a clean crime, you know


Re: Inquiring minds want to know...

at least they won't forget their numbers

Nationwide UK court IT failure farce 'not the result of a cyber attack' – Justice Ministry


Hanlon's razor

Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity

The Iceman cometh, his smartwatch told the cops: Hitman jailed after gizmo links him to Brit gangland slayings


Re: aardvark

They live in South Africa, nowhere near Timbuktu

Typical! You wait ages for a fast radio burst from outer space, and suddenly 13 show up



also loads of FPGAs, GPUs and a massive switch for the heavy signal processing.

Bish, Bash... gosh! Good ol' Bourne Again Shell takes a bow as it reaches version five-point-zero


yes yes

Privacy, security fears about ID cards? UK.gov's digital bod has one simple solution: 'Get over it'


Re: another iteration

It does happen, but usually people with higher IQ will try to follow a subject they speak about to avoid looking a complete fool

Shocker: UK smart meter rollout is crap, late and £500m over budget


Alternative idea

They should have divided up the £13bn for everyone who had a meter.

That Old Time 2018 IT songbook: Verity, Verity - give us your lyrics, do! We're half crazy, all for the love of you


Alternative tune most big IT companies

You're unbelievable from EMF

Microsoft lobs Windows 10, Server Oct 2018 update at world (minus file-nuking 'feature') after actually doing some testing

Big Brother

It's almost as if the broken 1809 build never existed

The broken 1809 never existed citizen Winston Smith

Windows 10 Pro goes Home as Microsoft fires up downgrade server


Re: The joke is on you!

Cue the Staple Singers

Lucky, lucky, Westminster residents: Who better to look after your housing benefits than Capita?


Re: Doing fewer things better...

Is that you, Linus?

Stairway to edam: Swiss bloke blasts roquefort his cheese, thinks Led Zep might make it tastier



Black Dyke Brass band

iPhone XR, for when £1,000 is just too much for a smartmobe


Summary: too dear, too big, too heavy

But no mention of the sound quality

Woman who hooked up with over 15 spectres has found her forever phantom after whirlwind romance and plane sex


Re: Dear DHSS

No mam, you need phantom money to pay for phantom child support.

Here is a bag full of it

Assange catgate hearing halted as Ecuador hunts around for someone who speaks Australian


Re: Downvoted ..

Is the cat white and fluffy?

Haven't updated your Adobe PDF software lately? Here's 85 new reasons to do it now


Re: Update your Adobe PDF software...

Master PDF Editor works for me

Windows 10 passes 700 million, Office Mobile in a coma and Intune, er, cracks time travel


Re: Win 10 win by attrition

Win 10 was pre-installed on my home computer, but I looked at the news on data slurping and updates, so I installed Ubuntu.

DEF CON hackers' dossier on US voting machine security is just as grim as feared


Re: Graveyard voting

That would account for the zombies they have in office

Fallover Friday: NatWest, RBS and Ulster Bank go TITSUP*


Re: Back now

Movie services into the clown

Was that a typo or not??

Tech to solve post-Brexit customs woes doesn't exist yet, peers say


Re: The answer is...

Yes, they are using Natural Stupidity rather that Artificial Intelligence

Fujitsu says sayonara to UK exec heavyweights


Re: I wonder why

to quote The Who:

Meet the new boss

Same as the old boss

Microsoft reveals train of mistakes that killed Azure in the South Central US 'incident'


Re: The American Midwest is famous

Well don't wait for the Yellowstone Supervolcano to erupt.

Google is 20, Chrome is 10, and Microsoft would rather ignore the Nokia deal's 5th birthday


For all your searching


Icon - closest I could find for a duck

Trainer regrets giving straight answer to staffer's odd question


Coca cola contains nasty amounts of phosphoric acid and the sugar glues the keyboard (drink unsweetened tea if you must do it next to a keyboard

Abracadabra! Tales of unexpected sysadmagic and dabbling in dark arts


Re: Case sensor

At home it is known as BFI, Brute Force and Ignorance.

Top Euro court: No, you can't steal images from other websites (too bad a school had to be sued to confirm this little fact)



What happens with fully automated image collection systems (webcams, systems triggered by animals or people going past) where nobody actually consciously made the image. What is the copyright situation on them?


But what if..

If I take a photo of the image on the website (e.g with my camera) do I have copyright on my photo of it?

New age discrim row: Accenture, Facebook sued by sales boss for favoring 'new blood'


Young blood

Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed could be your role model.

Think of the children!!

Get drinking! Abstinence just as bad for you as getting bladdered


Re: One little pill?

forget the pills- just eat berries and grapes, drink cocoa and red wine.

Add a few peanuts into the mix for variety

Well, well, well. Crime does pay: Ransomware creeps let off with community service


Re: "notoriously difficult language"

I think Frisian is closer.

ReactOS 0.4.9 release metes out stability and self-hosting, still looks like a '90s fever dream



Download it and try it out on an old machine

Who watches Sony's watcher? Boffins poke holes in surveillance kit


Re: Who trusts Sony?

Indeed I haven't bought anything from them since the rootkit scandal

Apache Cassandra at 10: Making a community believe in NoSQL


Scam alert: No, hackers don't have webcam vids of you enjoying p0rno. Don't give them any $$s


Re: Webcam?

Can you get a tinfoil balaclava these days?


Re: Webcam?

How does the balaclava fin with the tinfoil hat?

One two three... Go: Long Pig Microsoft avoids cannibalising Surface


Re: "It's an office runtime for students"

Serious documentation should be in Tex or LaTex

Geoboffins spot hundreds of ghost dunes on Mars



If this is the hole that the larva made, I would hate to meet the adult form

Former wig-wearing Twitterphobe replaces Hancock as UK.gov's Secretary of Fun


Brexiteers jump ship

I believe the usual idiom is 'like rats off a sinking ship'.

To switch idiom; Capt May has hit the iceberg but continues to order full steam ahead

IBM fired me because I'm not a millennial, says axed cloud sales star in age discrim court row


Re: 60 year old boomer

I defy any sane person to understand IBM’s business strategy.

A £1.3m prize for a plunging share price at BT? Not so fast...


Re: The 1%

Well they do say that in any broth scum rises to the top

RIP Peter Firmin: Clangers creator dies aged 89


Re: Anyone who hasn't seen Noggin The Nog recently needs a trip to...

Personally I think Olaf the Lofty was a somebody I could identify with

Bankrupt Aussie Hells Angel scoops £750k lottery jackpot


Police are said to have flagged the win as suspicious.

Do they mean that the Hells Angels run the lottery is Australia??


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