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Ellison's storage Pillar sits at fork in the road

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Dear Anonymous Coward

Oh for god’s sake! Instead of flip-flopping between the IBM DS 5020 results and the Sun 6180 results to present the best numbers, I’d suggest looking at the data from a single storage array perspective.

If you review the IBM DS5020 results, the revised (revised on March 11, 2010) SPC-1 Price-performance numbers indicates $8.46/SPC-1 IOPS. (http://www.storageperformance.org/benchmark_results_files/SPC-1/IBM/A00081_IBM_DS5020-Express/a00081_IBM_DS5020-Express_SPC1_executive-summary-r2.pdf).

If you review the Sun 6180 results from October 2009, the SPC-1 Price-Performance numbers indicate $4.70/SPC-1 IOPS. However, the price used in this calculation uses a 38% discount! Now, if you don’t discount the system (like the IBM DS 5020 results), you get $7.60/SPC-I IOPS. (http://www.storageperformance.org/benchmark_results_files/SPC-1/Sun/A00084_Sun_6180/a00084_Sun_6180_executive-summary.pdf)

The Axiom SPC-1 Price-performance number is $8.79/SPC-1 IOPS from results that were generated in January 2009. Since then, Pillar has released Slammers (storage enclosures) that have improved its performance by over 50%. Additionally, the price of the configuration that is listed has been changed significantly in favor of a lower Price-Performance number.

If my math is correct the IBM DS5020 would cost $18.80/GB and the Axiom 600 would cost $13.50/GB for the physical storage capacity of the configuration. Therefore, I am not sure how you inferred that the $/GB for the IBM DS5020 was half of that of the Axiom. Pillar also offers an 80% utilization guarantee without any performance degradation of the system. This is done by providing unique quality of service for the various LUNs and FileSystems (Yes – the Axiom supports NAS and SAN from a single virtualized storage pool) based on priority and access patterns.

Another thing to note is that the IBM and Sun storage systems which are OEM’ed from LSI uses 8Gbps FC front-end connections, whilst Pillar’s Axiom used 4Gbps FC front-end connections.

The Axiom Storage System (unlike the IBM DS5020 and Sun 6180) was architected with the intent of providing storage in a multi-tenant environment. The SPC-1 performance test provides a single workload and does not provide a varying workload like a multi-application environment. Moreover, the offerings from IBM and Sun would get pegged on performance if other storage operations such as rebuilds, snapshots and remote replication were to take place during the SPC-1 tests. The Axiom has a distributed intelligent architecture, which allows the system to isolate rebuilds to a storage enclosure and utilizes the Cache and CPU of the Slammers to perform quick operations.



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