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Why DOES Google lobby so much?

andy, bacup

"without actually providing anything useful to the individual"?

So why does anybody go to their site and end up reading the ads on it?

Council builds £2.8m shared database of vulnerable kids

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Re: Skip to the end.

This is a council, not a government department. Aren't they more likely to print out the entire database and leave it IN a skip?

Czechs, Slovaks stall on ACTA

andy, bacup

I'd have to say Gorbachev had a lot to do with it.

If 'young people' had tried that while Brezhnev was in power the tanks would have gone in the next night (cf: Czechoslovakia 1968.)

Music fans not welcome in RIAA-backed .music

andy, bacup

If they want to be taken seriously...

...why not a highly regulated ".bullshit" top-level domain?

Reg man the most-flamed recruiter in the UK?

andy, bacup

Overpaid much?

"The reviewer is so disconnected from what the job require (sic) that they are limited to the few bullet points provided to them."

So that makes it a minimum wage job, right?

Hacked Sun site greatly exaggerates Murdoch's death

andy, bacup

Not seppuku:

drowning his irritating a-hole of a son.

David Davis: Jobless should dig trenches for fat UK pipes

andy, bacup

Perhaps people don't want to live on state benefits?

Do you? If you ever grow up you might realise you aren't anything special.

There was no 'benefits culture' before the 1980s. Do you really believe millions of people suddenly lost the will to work just because they saw Mrs Thatcher on TV? Perhaps mass unemployment has something to do with economic conditions in the real world?

If you've worked all your life, you've presumably been paid all you were owed.

Sony’s sorry saga snowballs

andy, bacup


Toyota's mammoth recalls were a result of compromising their usual high standards in an attempt to chase market share. If they had originally been using 'our own procedures' presumably they would have bolloxed things up sooner.

Iran to attend Olympics, despite 'racist' logo

andy, bacup

I agree

This does seem to be an unnecessary slur on an entire country and its athletes. Does Cameron really make no distinction between a country and its government? Insight into his mind, or what?

Free Android encryption comes to Egypt

andy, bacup


It's wide open to 'rubber-hose cryptography'!

Grey marketing is great - if you're the importer...

andy, bacup
Thumb Up

You hit the nail on the head there.

It is only because companies tacitly agree not to compete on price in specific markets that these price differentials exist. The result: markets are only global when multinationals collectively decide they are!

Mastercard downed by Anon-Assange-fans

andy, bacup

stable door, horse?

No. US government secrets are being made public by Wikileaks. They have been indiscriminately released to over 3 million people by the US. What are the odds that foreign governments haven't had much of this information for months or years? Should one small cog be able to grab so much without someone asking why until after it is made public? If you *can* pinch a rat's tail then more fool it for letting you.

Commission urged to force transparency on network traffic shaping

andy, bacup

re: Best idea

In fact, why not a strict division where you can either:

a) be an ISP (as a common carrier without any commercial interest in *what* is carried) or,

b) you can sell content on a per-view basis,

but you can't do both.

UK patent attorneys: ECJ should reject advisors' opinion

andy, bacup

letters, words etc.....

What would be the "enormous commercial benefits" for businesses in having pan-European patents which aren't in accordance with European law? Presumably this would make them either straightforwardly worthless or the subject of (extra) years of ball-wrenchingly expensive litigation.

Striking workers will curb network upgrades, claims BT

andy, bacup

stuff happens?

Classic British management - it's always somebody else's fault.

Two questions:

1) who recruited their workforce in the first place?

2) if managers are just innocent bystanders why do they get paid as if they have responsibilities?

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