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Apple in shock public attack on Adobe



Which smart phone CURRENTLY has full Flash (not just flash light) and can play Flash games online? You're all blaming Apple for not supporting a technology that doesn't even exist...

It's interesting that you mention browsers under proprietary control. Are you serious? Apple is fighting proprietary technology (Flash is proprietary and closed. Surprise!) with wide open standards. In which bizzaro world do you live?

Microsoft to extend Silverlight for Mac?


Yay, Another ActiveX!

So, Microsoft is going back to its old habits and old tactics. So they decided that they need to create a new gigantic security hole in their browser and they hope do so on the Mac too.


I really hope they don't follow through with feature/bug parity on the Mac version.

In any case, I won't ever allow silverlight to get installed on any of my macs or company's macs.

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