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Patch this run(DM)c Docker flaw or you be illin'... Tricky containers can root host boxes. It's like that – and that's the way it is


Downvoted for a RUN DMC song title. Fitting.

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It's not funny.

It's 2019, and a PNG file can pwn your Android smartphone or tablet: Patch me if you can


Re: Great

Mine are from Nov 2018, and indicated that the last *check* was mid December. It tells me, "The latest updates have already been installed." Gee thanks, Sprint.

Friday fun fact: If Stegosauruses had space telescopes, they wouldn't have seen any rings around Saturn



I came here expecting incredible discoveries regarding the vision capabilities of the Stegosauruses.

On the first day of Christmas, Microsoft gave to me... an emergency out-of-band security patch for IE


Re: Really?

Oddly enough, IE has more market share than Edge does.

Adobe Flash zero-day exploit... leveraging ActiveX… embedded in Office Doc... BINGO!


Re: Flash, ActiveX, Office doc embedding/scripting - should already be DISABLED

I had one pleasant sip left, and now my laptop is wearing it. Thank you!

Here are another 45,000 reasons to patch Windows systems against old NSA exploits


Re: how about

"Oh, and turn UPnP off, which has been standard advice for a decade." - The Article

Russia: We did not hack the US Democrats. But if we did, we're immune from prosecution... lmao


Kremlin: Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time!

Cosmoboffins think grav waves hold the key to sorting out the disputed Hubble Constant


There is no centre

Wouldn't there have to be a center in the Big Bang theory? In your analogy of the balloon, there is still the center of the balloon while it's surface is expanding.


The uneducated-in-this-field mind of mine wonders what is propelling the unverse from it's center, and how does it get faster in the process? Or is there something that the universe is expanding 'in to' that is drawing it away from the center, faster and faster?

Put your tin-foil hats on! Wi-Fi can be used to guesstimate number of people hidden in a room


3 years ago...

Isn't this just about the same thing MIT did waaaaaaaaaay back in 2013?


And then improved on the concept a bit in 2015?


Surprise, surprise. Here comes Big Cable to slay another rule that helps small ISPs compete


Companies won't compete with each other

In my area, the phone lines are owned by Sprint. They refuse to compete in the local broadband market, leaving it all to Comcast. The fastest speed they offer is 40mbit. For the same price, you can get 100mbit from Xfinity, or double the price and get 400mbit. If you're really feeling it, you can tripple the price and get 1000mbit.

Cops suspect Detroit fuel station was hacked before 10 drivers made off with 2.3k 'free' litres


Re: What about switching the pump off?

According to the FOX article, this took place around 1pm. That's a rather hectic time for fuel stations in my area, and we're not anywhere close to a major city. I don't know what it looks like from the clerks' point of view when customers are fueling, but it's not uncommon to have a steady flow of vehicles getting fuel, sometimes even waiting in line for it. I'd wager that several vehicles received the fuel before it was noticed, especially if there were people at the counter making purchases (distracting the clerk).

Your last point is very accurate. This poor lad was probably thinking of the ass chewing he'd get for turning off ALL the pumps and losing those profits, so was just focused on trying to turn off the problematic pump.

The butterfly defect: MacBook keys wrecked by single grain of sand


Re: Apple are shit nowadays


Why do large corporations listen to these shite "gurus" instead of their customers who tell them plainly what they want?

Didn't Steve Jobs paraphrase Henry Ford and say, "People don't know what they want until you show it to them."

Uncle Sam is shocked, SHOCKED to find dark-web bazaars trading drugs, weapons, etc



It reminds me of the economy headlines where such and such cost $300 million to the US Economy. When compared to the GDP is close to $20 trillion. The numbers are just so out of touch with the average viewer....

Sophos SafeGuard anything but – thanks to 7 serious security bugs


Nettitude blog entry

The disclosure timeline was interesting to see.

I wonder if Microsoft schedules a specific Tuesday within sixteen months of having a bug disclosed to them to release a patch?

'Black hat' extortionist thrown back in the clink after Yelp-slamming biz


Re: 8 years?

He was picked up in 2014 some time and was locked up from that point on. It seems logical he was credited with that time served towards his sentence.


Re: 8 years?

What's wrong with 8yrs for a 2nd offense (and possibly a parole/probaiton violation?) and the nature of it being against a victim of his previous offense? Typically, here in the states 8yrs would be eligible for parole after 4, so he might sit 4 and walk off 4.

NASA eggheads draw up blueprints for spotting, surviving asteroid hits


Re: Border patrol

Here's the thing. There are many places to apply for asylum in Mexico (embassy and consulates). Also, you can do so at the border crossing. If you cross elsewhere, and are seeking asylum to the US, you have a year to apply.

Arresting people on the suspicion of illegal immigration is not illegal. People are arrested all the time, in every country, due to being suspects of criminal activity. Then the judicial process goes to work and if asylum is granted, the migrant is released and not deported. It's not rocket science. It's rather close to common sense.

Also, asylum seekers only make up about 1/10th of the migrants to the US. We get about twice as many migrants from Mexico than from the number two 'sender' China. I speculate that the majority of the migrants are simply seeking a better life, which is certainly attainable here.

Speaking of Mexico, their immigration laws are much stricter than ours. They have a similar southern border problem, probably even worse. Yet, where are they in the news cycle?

In huge privacy win, US Supreme Court rules warrant needed to slurp folks' location data


Re: You're gonna need a warrant

The public at large does not know where I am when I'm in public, or what book I buy, or what newspaper I read, or who I meat and talk to. There are, however, eye-witnesses to those things, which is what is freely available to those who wish to know without having a warrant.


You're gonna need a warrant

I believe any law enforcement agency or agent of the justice system should be required to have a warrant to obtain any information on someone that is not in the public domain.

For example, here in the states they are accessing geneology sites to compare DNA to what was recovered at old murder scenes. If "lucky" they find a relative of the perp and begin to narrow it down. In Washington state, they followed one of these suspects and collected a napkin he used to wipe his mouth. Using that DNA, they fingered him as the rapist/murderer of a teenage girl over 30 years ago.

I have no problem with them tailing a suspect in hopes of collecting DNA that has been discarded. However, it is a little unnerving that they're sifting through geneology records for DNA hits.

Blood spilled from another US high school shooting has yet to dry – and video games are already being blamed


Re: 7 million people, less than 10 gun deaths in 10 years?

Well then, aren't I the fool for not knowing what a city is. =(

By the way, the "wtf' icon was for the town population, not the murder rate. I was really curious to know where this safer city was. =)


7 million people, less than 10 gun deaths in 10 years?

Please, do share the name of that 'town' of 7 million people!


Re: $0.02 from a gunless veteran

I live in a town with a population just under 52,000 and it's rather diverse. I believe we've had less than 10 homicides by firearms in the last 10 years. The most recent that I can remember was a domestic case of murder suicide. Most were robberies, one was an actual 'hit' organized by a wife and her lover to kill her husband. With the exception of the murder/suicide, they all received about the same amount of local media coverage. The vitriol of a couple of the victims' lifestyles was very shocking. When it came to light that they were either a drug deal gone bad, or someone robbing a known dealer, it's like the 'vocal' public turned on the victim. I can see how that might be similar around the country, and why such stories don't "gain traction" in the news.


$0.02 from a gunless veteran

I believe the gun owners should be held criminally liable to some extent due to their negligence when it comes to not having secured their weapons.

Guns are a very polarizing subject, without a doubt. These senseless shootings are an absolute tragedy. I think everyone understands that. It bothers me that it's only a 'problem' that deserves national attention when children are shot. What about all the other shooting victims? This is where the media does have some role in glamorizing these killers. Also, what about all the other children killed in automobile accidents? Yes, vehicles kill more children than guns do. We give children the privilege to drive at 16 years old (younger on farms) and the privilege to hunt at 12 years old. Is this too young?

There has to be more than just bandage solutions to these problems. Putting metal detectors at schools will surely help stop the shootings inside the schools. But I fear that will just change the venue to other places more public where the desired target group frequents.

I believe this is a moral issue that has to be dealt with in every home. Somehow doing horrible things is becoming acceptable in the minds of our children. There has to be something influencing this.

It also goes without saying that our healthcare system is failing many mentally ill people. I've seen it rapidly decline in my area over the last 15 years or so.

IPv6 growth is slowing and no one knows why. Let's see if El Reg can address what's going on


Mid-Atlantic (USA) Comcast

We have IPv6 functionality with our "Xfinity" service here. I pretty much only use it to get on IRC, but apparently it shows up when I'm browsing the web as well.

Furious gunwoman opens fire at YouTube HQ, three people shot


Re: Of all places

When I said, "Of all places" I didn't mean California. I meant a big ass corporation headquarters building like Youtube has. Do they have no security to stop people who don't belong there from walking in and blasting away? I'm not sure why I mentioned Cali's strict gun laws, probably a programmed response or something.

To be clear, I haven't owned a firearm in about 20 years, and have served honorably in the US Military. I don't own one to defend myself, because (here it comes) I have faith. Should I be afraid of someone killing me and sending me to heaven? Nah. And if there's no heaven and I just cease to exist, once I'm dead I won't be around to care. So there really isn't anything to fear. Sorry, the whiskey is talking, I better press submit quick!


Of all places

I wonder how someone managed to bring in a firearm to such a place? California, I believe, still is the state with the strictest gun laws.

What has to happen for people to stop wanting to kill one another? :(

NASA budget shock: Climate studies? GTFO. We're making the Moon great again, says Trump


GHG Per Person?

I didn't even know what GHG meant. But now that I googled it, I can see that as a nation, China produces more, followed by Mexico, THEN the US, the EU, and India. And going by your per capita, the US is ranked 14th, behind even Canada and Australia.

I get it, that we have a responsibility to research to what end this pollution is truly changing the climate. But with all the problems my nation has, and I'm sure you can see them from afar, climate change isn't a hot topic... no pun intended.


Why US?

As an American, I have to wonder why the rest of the world places so much attention what NASA is or is not doing. There are plenty of other countries with space programs and I'm sure more will be capable soon. With climate change research in particular, that's a global ordeal. Why not have a global organization deal with it? Then so what if one country decides to defund some of their research, your global community will press on and get the answers!

Maybe I'm just a typical joe with a narrow world view, but I really can't stand it when my country is expected to solve the world's problems and then catches hell for picking and choosing which problems to solve.

Facial recognition software easily IDs white men, but error rates soar for black women


It's there, maybe you just didn't recognize it?

As Facebook pushes yet more fake articles, one news editor tells Mark to get a grip – or Zuck off


Re: Oh FFS - fixing this is EASY

Do you think this will stop people from "sharing" the "news" they find around the web? At least twice a week I see people sharing duffleblog or the onion satire articles, with predictable outrage and ignorance of the aforementioned satire.

Lauri Love and Gary McKinnon's lawyer, UK supporters rally around Marcus Hutchins


Re: plea dealing before evidence is shown

It's not that hard to realize the truth of this. What attorney is going to offer a plea deal without having seen any evidence at all? What attorney is going to advise their client to accept a plea deal without some idea of the evidence involved?

Looking back, I can see how those two sentences I wrote about plea deals and hearings could be construed as one single line of thought, that is my mistake. They are not really related to each other in what I was trying to convey and perhaps I should have worded it better.

My point was if formal charges were brought on, the evidence was seen by either a judge or a jury. If there are any talks of plea agreements, at the very least, the attorneys would go over the evidence.

I certainly hope that a prosecutor would not offer a plea before sufficient evidence is collected, possibly allowing an offender to use the "double jeopardy" defense to escape prosecution of a crime later discovered to have taken place during the act of the crime they already plead guilty to.


Re: Police shooting black folks? Really?


Do you know that the police shoot more white people than they do black people? In fact, nearly twice as many so far this year. And guess what else, out of the several thousand homicide victims that were black, less than 200 of them were killed by police. Where is your outrage for the rest of the black victims?

All I have understood from you is utter disdain for my point of view and then an insult upon my intelligence. You did not provide any counter argument at all.


Re: The ignorant run amok


"Care to show the evidence of this? Oh, there wouldn't be any because a plea deal means the bit where the evidence is shown is skipped."

There is no plea dealing before evidence is shown. Either at a preliminary hearing or a Grand Jury hearing, the evidence is provided that proves reasonable 'suspicion' enough to formally bring the charges.

There is a fine line between being innocent and not guilty. You can be innocent and found guilty, and you can be guilty and found not guilty. It's messy, that's for sure. But don't imagine for a moment that there is not evidence involved.

Plea agreements are usually taken to 1) get a favorable sentence/outcome because you know they have evidence that would create a significant chance of you being found guilty, or less often 2) just to get it over with and get out of the system asap, counting on the conviction not hampering your future. Very seldom does an innocent person plead guilty, it's possible, but unlikely.


Re: The US 'justice' system is corrupt

Police shooting black folks? Really?

Whites make up the majority of the population (75% roughly) and Blacks are making up about 13% of the population. Each murder victim in the US was killed by someone of their own race 90% of the time. That being said, there is a much larger percentage of murder within the black population than there is any other.

In 2015 there were 5,600 Black murder offenders, while there were 4,600 White murder offenders. Granted there were 4,800 "unknown" murder offenders, this still paints a grim picture of violence among the black population.*

The rest of your points are pretty good ones. The rich might not always go free, but they certainly fair better than the poor. It makes me wonder why you threw the "police killing blacks" in there at all. If anyone is concerned about Black Lives Mattering, it should be a movement that starts in Black homes.

* https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2015/crime-in-the-u.s.-2015/tables/expanded_homicide_data_table_3_murder_offenders_by_age_sex_and_race_2015.xls

Disgraced US Secret Service agent coughs to second Bitcoin heist


Legal Currency in the US

There are no federal laws here that require any privately owned business to accept only US currency, or any currency for that matter. Local laws may specify it in some places, but afaik there's nothing here that says you can't accept Bitcoin or shiny red buttons for currency if you wanted to.

Cancel the farewell party. Get back to work. That asteroid isn't going to hit Earth in October


RE: Norks shooting space

Haven't they already done that?

If we're in a simulation, someone hit it with a hammer, please: Milky Way spews up to 100 MEELLLION black holes


Re: If we're in a simulation...

This seems to be a better simulation than the one created in The Thirteenth Floor.

WannaCry-slayer Marcus Hutchins 'built Kronos banking trojan' – FBI


Re: Also Wannacry?

The indictment is just the final result, you know, what happened *after* the jurors heard testimony and were presented with (apparently) sufficient evidence to indict on those charges.

Scary news: Asteroid may pass Earth by just 6,880km in October


But can we afford it?

I remember reading that NASA/ESA were scheduling a mission to attempt to redirect asteroids. I'm too lazy to find out the original article but did find this: https://spaceflightnow.com/2017/01/19/future-of-asteroid-deflection-mission-to-be-decided-soon/

Will we really die because our fearless leaders couldn't afford to protect us? Or is it cheaper to build bunkers/arks for the elite a la Deep Impact & 2012?

AlphaBay and Hansa: About those dark web marketplaces takedowns

Black Helicopters

Why don't governments muscle in on the action?

When it's legal, the prices would drop. When it's illegal, those in the business make more money off of the higher prices. Look at how prohibition of alcohol went over in the USA.

I ask myself, "Why would my government desire to keep recreational drugs illegal?" Considering the obvious fact that the production of said drugs is unregulated, the product can be abnormally dangerous. If the government wanted us to be safer, and also take money away from the criminal empires living off the drug trade, they would certainly legalize it, regulate it, and profit from it. The fact that they're not doing that, leads me to believe they are involved in the criminal empire making lucrative profits. There is no desire for our covert government to be chopping off it's own hands.

You also have the pharmaceutical player in the game. Here in the USA, I believe a drug patent has a significant amount of time given before other companies are allowed to compete as generics. There is no question that prescribed medicines are used recreationally. In the town I live in (population 23,000) we have had several physicians busted for over-prescribing medication (usually opioids) who received either a kickback from the pharmaceutical company or the 'patient' who was profiting from selling the pills on the street.

The "War on Drugs" is a competition eliminating venture, not a public safety venture.

Cops harpoon two dark net whales in megabust: AlphaBay and Hansa

Big Brother

Just as I suspected

"Europol revealed today that the market had been under the covert control of cops for the last month"

When the AlphaBay story came out, this is just what I suspected was going on there. Only the man behind the curtain was apparently not happy with the arrangement and the Cazes guy had to be eliminated.

Alphabay shutdown: Bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do? Not use your Hotmail...

Big Brother

Overstayed his welcome

I suspect this venture was quickly sniffed out by law enforcement agencies, who then proceeded to use this site as an unwilling informant. It may also be very likely Cazes was in-the-know about this, or found out about it, and had to be silenced before the customers found out. I wonder how many of those customers were arrested before this guy went down?

While USA is distracted by its President's antics, China is busy breaking another fusion record


"While USA is distracted by its President's antics..."

I think only the media (and those who rely on it) are the only ones who are distracted by our President's antics. The rest of us are just going about our merry way. What our Presidents do (or don't do) seldom affects the people's way of life.

Hotel guest goes broke after booking software gremlin makes her pay for strangers' rooms


I trust my bank

Recently I received a letter in the mail alerting me that my debit card information was potentially compromised from a merchant who had their system itself compromised. As I would expect, they set a date that my card will be canceled and a new card should arrive before then. Also, they gave me the option of doing such a transaction at my earliest convenience.

Our debit cards are of the Mastercard brand with Zero Liability protection and Mastercard ID Theft Protection™. Had anything unusual appear on my account I'm certain they would close the card, issue me a new one, and mail me an affidavit to go on their record that I swear those were not my charges.

About 20 years ago when banks would mail you your new PIN number before mailing you the new debit card, I fell victim to fraud where my pin then card were stolen from my mail, while on a military installation no less. I had to go through similar steps then. It wasn't much of a hassle and I was reimbursed within 12 hours.

Class clowns literally classless: Harvard axes meme-flinging morons


Student Code of Conduct

Wouldn't there be a code of conduct that these students-to-be would have agreed to? Either way, free speech can be costly. I'll consider it a lesson for all to learn from. But I doubt much will be learned. It seems like every week there's news of people getting let go for social media antics.

CIA rendition jet was waiting in Europe to SNATCH SNOWDEN


Re: Dontcherknew?

Orange is the new black.

US Army loses 16,000 personnel records in South Korea


No Surprise

Having seen first hand some of the network infrastructure over there, I am not surprised this has happened. I am actually curious as to how many times it probably has happened before and never noticed!

I did some really dumb things in my past, quite a few of them in South Korea while serving in the US Army. One of them, was being a script kiddie¹. I got busted by the National Police Agency of S. Korea. Even after this, the US Army was foolish in allowing me local access to protected computer systems. To make it even more interesting, I also was able to obtain employment stateside at Citibank in their Fraud Early Warning department. They trusted me with quite a lot of information and access, knowing what had happened in S. Korea, and locally².

1) http://www.theregister.co.uk/2001/05/08/us_airman_charged_in_korean/ (That was me)

2) http://www.justice.gov/usao/pae/News/2007/jul/baer.html (Me again...)

As long as folks let dummies like I used to be slip into their network, problems like this will continue.

Myspace: Where are you going? We still have all your HUMILIATING PICS

Big Brother

Re: Just nuke it from orbit

Is it possible to stop others from posting pictures of you on the internet? I really don't see how... unless you just don't do anything at all that you wouldn't want the WHOLE WORLD to see or know about. That probably would make for a boring use of the time of your life.

What somewhat creeps me out is that I have taken pictures of friends with my "smart phone" and it prompts me with questions like, "Is this John Smith?" Well, no. But the person does slightly resemble "John Smith" which is odd, because "John Smith" is not on social media at all. The only way I could conceive of my phone knowing what "John Smith" looks like is because of the photo I have set up on "John Smith's" contact information. This sort of facial recognition stuff is neat, but I sometimes wonder what would happen if it mined key parts of the web to find all images of someone.*

* This may already exist and have a friendly Windows XP (or iOS) interface on the web for people to use. I'm trying to withdraw from much of this intrusive tech, so I'm unaware of such things these days.


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