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Pentax K-m entry-level digital SLR

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Movie Mode

Seriously, who in their right minds would want movie mode on a DSLR? Would have been a complete waste of time, as is liveview, but there we go.

eBay revenues defy worldwide army of bitter users


Info for Dick

Back in 2002 Ebay bought paypal, so you would kinda expect them to work together.....

BOFH: Memory short circuit



They still have pound notes in Jersey......

O2 starts charging for calls to non-places


Carphone Warehouse

I purchased my phone (on o2) through the carphone warehouse, you still think I can cancel my contract early? And keep the phone?

Sole competitor comes second in cake-baking contest


IT News

Thats it, I have had enough. The Register used to be a great site for IT news. More and more its turning into just a news site, with articles such as this one.

The Register has now been deleted from my favourites and I will get my IT news elsewhere.

It seems that half your stories are either non IT related or "borrowed" from the BBC news website.



Louisiana town outlaws 'sagging pants'


IT news

And to think that the reg posted only IT news, ahhh, those were the days.....

MP's son guilty of VAT carousel fraud



Ok, so the son admitted he was guilty but the dad is going to contest this?

How does that make sense? Surely if the son was innocent, he should plead innocent?

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