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Excited about dual-screen laptops? Make your own with duct tape and the ThinkVision M14

Robert Knight

For an alternative monitor with in-built battery.....

Take a look at this device which has a 7 hour battery life AND supports Samsung DeX for DeX on the Go.


Just look at Q! Watch out Microsoft, the next Android has a proper desktop PC mode

Robert Knight

Desktop mode on a USB-C laptop dock (works with Samsung DeX too).

Here's the native Android Q desktop mode on a USB-C laptop dock created from a @GetPiTop Pi Top V2.

Here is Outlook Mobile on desktop mode - much better - could replace a laptop in many cases.


NexDock 2: Electric Boogaloo. Crowdfunded laptop shell sequel touts less plastic, more pixels

Robert Knight

You can make your own USB-C laptop dock from a Pi-Top v2.

It's possible to make one of these from a Pi-Top V2 - you can have it now rather than waiting for one of the kickstarter or Indegogo crowdfunded devices to become available.

More details here:


Robert Knight

Here's one you can buy now

A device based on the Pi-Top V2 is also available NOW- no crowd funding, no wait etc...

ConnectSolve SmartLap - USB-C Laptop Dock for Samsung DeX and Huawei Easy Projection Smartphones https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07PJTWNGN/ref=cm_sw_r_em_apa_i_DV5LCbA3VFMZH

Samsung’s DeX dock clicks the second time around

Robert Knight

From May 2018, you can have a DeX lapdock

From mid-May 2018, you will be able to use your Samsung S8, S9 or Note 8 series device as a laptop using Mirabook.

Specs include 13.3" 1080 IPS, keyboard, trackpad, up to 10 hour battery life, 2 x USB, HDMI out and 2 hour recharge time.


Robert Knight

From May 2018, you can have a DeX lapdock

From mid-May 2018, you will be able to use your Samsung S8, S9 or Note 8 series device as a laptop using Mirabook.

Specs include 13.3" 1080 IPS, keyboard, trackpad, up to 10 hour battery life, 2 x USB, HDMI out and 2 hour recharge.


UK politicos easily pwned on insecure Wi-Fi networks

Robert Knight

Re: There are ways of mitigating some of this - for example, a low cost Android device

No, we actually supply these devices (not the 2007 devices you describe). We have both Android smartphones as well as mini-routers.

These are primarily designed for public sector and more security conscious private sector (regulated etc.). The enable public Wi-Fi connections to be remediated (i.e. the splash screen/captive portal) on a low cost, separate device which then shares its connection to one or more (up to 10) corporate laptop/tablet/smartphones etc.

Since the corporate device can apply a much stronger security policy (i.e. closed firewall, VPN etc.), it means that there is less risk since they simply PN through the device once the public Wi-Fi is unlocked.

As the devices NAT connections and have an in-built firewall, they provide additional protection to connected end-points.

Robert Knight

There are ways of mitigating some of this - for example, a low cost Android device which enables a user to connect to public Wi-Fi, enter details into any landing page (captive portal) and then share the connection to their main device (s) over Wi-Fi. This allows a stronger security policy on the main device (laptop, tablet, hybrid, phablet etc.) which protects that device from malware infection etc.

Whilst there is potential for the low cost device to be compromised, this is the whole point of it - i.e. it's sacrificial, if necessary.

Good practice might also be to use a credit card with a low balance/credit to minimise theft etc.

Intel's Compute Sticks stick it to Windows To Go, Chromecast

Robert Knight

I should also add that it's running Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise as well as Windows 8.1 Pro/Enterprise.

Robert Knight

We supply an alternative Stick PC which runs Windows 8.1 Professional/Enterprise and unlike the Compute Stick, has 2 x USB ports and an audio socket - the latter makes it ideal for voice and video (USB webcam) using Skype for Business/Lync, WebEx etc.

This device can be AD joined/managed and is targeted at businesses wanting to provide a low cost home/flexible working solution which is secure for data at rest (BitLocker PIN + TPM - the device has a TPM using Intel Platform Technology) and can leverage existing investments in VPN etc. used for Windows 8.1 laptop & tablet remote working deployments.

Able to run standard Office task such as email, Word, PowerPoint etc, as well as Intranet/Internet apps/content, these are effectively Hybrid BYO where a user's own monitor, keyboard and mouse are used together with their wired (via USB dongle) or wireless broadband.


US Department of Defense throws lifeline to beleaguered BlackBerry

Robert Knight

Good For Government Given DOD ATO in August 2010!


Robert Knight

Isn't Good Approved for DOD - that's an MDM solution for iOS?

As far as I am aware, Good is the approved DOD solution for iOS:


Since this is both an MDM product as well as secure sandbox, isn't Good the first MDM solution?

Kiwi cops to buy 6,500 iPhones, 3,900 iPads

Robert Knight

We did that with BlackBerries and PDAs.....

The UK did something similar under a mobile Information initiative funded by HMG. A subsequent commons committee found that it wasn't very good value for money or so I believe?

Wi-Fi may damage sperm, boffins warn

Robert Knight

The facts will come out in due course.........

Well if pulsed microwaves are so safe, why has:

1. WHO elevated Mobile Phone emissions to probably cancer causing - we've been told for yiers that they are safe......

2. European Coucil have passed resolution 1815 requiring member states to minimise exposure to EM - this is a precautionary measure due to the mounting evidence that EM does in fact cause issues from symtoms such as sleep disturbance to actually causing harm

3. Current guidance for shool children is to use mobile phones in an emergency only - why if pulsed microwaves are so safe?

4. Other European countries have lower EM radiation exposure levels than the UK/international standards

5. Studies in Germany showed that large percentages of a research group had a range of symptoms when radition levels were increased to well below the internationally 'safe' levels - these are based on warming of tissue samples rather than the effects on a living organism

6. Scientific studies have show pulsed microwaves interfere with cellular membranes which results in inability to absorb certain salts

7. Why do you think the bees are disappearing?

8. Have you noticed how we see hardly any birds anymore?

Clearly there is too much money in the industry (in the same way that the likes of MMR which contains Mercury is 'so safe' - the pharma companies would loose too much money.......) - therefore any bit of scientific study ahowing any evidence of any harm, however small, will naturally be undermined by the industry........it's like cigarettes!

It's all down to electromagnetic radiation/smog - it's on the increase.........

Pay-as-you-drive roads coming to the UK

Robert Knight

Here's how we stop it.

Well the best thing to do is to award the contract to one of the IT Consutlancies/Providers who keep screwing up - you know who they are.....

That way not only will it suffer massive delays, it will prove to be unworkable when introduced so that there will be no option but to scrap it!


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