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YoYoTech Warbird i750CX



I actually ordered one of these a little while ago. I was told it would take 3-5 working days until it was finished. That seemed fair as aparently they put the system through "a long series of stress tests" and went ahead with the order around midday on a monday.

The following tuesday I had heard nothing so I gave them a call. I was put straight through to the technical dept to a person with a strong accent called Luke. He then said he would look up my order and proceeded to put me on hold.

10 minutes later I gave up, hung up and tried again. Again I was through to Luke who again put me on hold saying he was "still looking into the order status".

A few minutes went past and I was starting to get a bit frustrated when he came back saying that my system had failed during their testing and they were waiting for a new batch of motherboards which could take up to a week.

This seemed odd to me because they were still showing stock of the motherboard on their site.

I hopped on the underground to go and have a look for myself in their london store, which I found out was where they actually build the systems, contrary to what their sales staff told me on the phone!

Sure enough the motherboard was on the shelf and you can actually see half of the tech department. In all honsesty I have never seen such disorganisation with boxes, systems and components everywhere. I'm not suprised they couldnt find my system!

As I was looking at the technical department (which is towards the back of the shop),while pretending to look at keyboards. I was suprised to hear the technician Luke talking to who I would guess was the manager. Their convesation was most enlightening. They were talking about what to tell a customer who had bought a system who first had a system with a faulty graphics card, then had faulty memory and another problem that I couln't quite catch, bad CPU cooler or overheating? After a bit more "browsing" around the store they continued to talk about what to tell a customer about a system that was not dispatched in time. They came up with quite an elaborate tale about the courier not delivering the system!!

They had no intention of just telling the truth to either customer and I don't believe that there should be any reason to lie to paying customers.

It puts into question everthing that I was told about their methods of building, testing and so on..

As you can imagine having just been lied to myself, I cancelled my order, and I would advise others to tread carefully with such purchases. If their treatment of customers is that bad prior to even receiving the system, imagine what their after sales is like!?

Buyers beware! Stick to "proper", truthful companies.



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