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RIP charging bricks: $279 HP Chromebook 11 charges via USB

King Dave

1. Connect USB lead to USB port on Chromebook.

2. Connect microUSB end to charging port on Chromebook.

3. Infinite powah!!!

Microsoft: 'Facebook Home just copies Windows Phone'

King Dave

Re: Stupid but true

So just shrink it down to 1x1... viola, no empty spinning tiles.

Throttled customers rage over Virgin Mobile UK's tight cap

King Dave

Nothing Anywhere, surely.

Nintendo 3DS XL review

King Dave

Re: "Cue fanboys."

Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 weren't launch titles...

The Pirate Bay torrents printable 3D objects

King Dave


I would however, download a policeman's hat and go to the toilet in it, before posting it to his grieving widow.

EA blocks user from game after alleged forum outburst

King Dave

Console gaming

I got the XBox 360 signature edition, and to redeem the bonus content I got given a code. To redeem this code I had to create an account with Bioware on my PC, and punch in the code on their website for the content to unlock on my console, which had conveniently linked itself to the account I'd created with Bioware. Why I couldn't have been issued a standard marketplace code is utterly beyond me.

Sony PlayStation Network vs MS Xbox Live

King Dave

The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

Sony are charging for a raft of features which include automatic updates. If you don't pay, you dowonload and install them manually. I don't know what kind of carrot that's supposed to be to get people to sign up, to be honest.

Ubuntu demotes Gnome for Unity netbook look

King Dave


I installed Ubuntu Netbook on my NC10 and really loved the Unity interface, especially the mac-style menu bar. But it was just too slow and clunky, and I didn't like how Evolution was split up into different applications, so I ended up installing the desktop edition, which performed much better. Perhaps in Narwhal it will be ready for use.

Microsoft goes AC/DC with Instaload battery tech

King Dave


Was this really a problem that needed solving?

Bush DVB680

King Dave


So you hate the EPG and the remote - right, OK, but you seem to have missed out picture quality - probably the most important feature of a new HD set top box!

For the record, I bought this Bush box for £90 and I actually don't mind the interface, but the remote is dire, and the LCD display is awful. Having said that the picture quality on the HD channels is absolutely fantastic. I was really unsure about the box when I first got it because let's face it, it's Bush, but I was genuinely blown away when I saw the HD channels in action. Thumbs up from me.

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