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Microsoft slams coffin lid on Vista

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Just me then?

Am I the only one that finds Windows 7 less reliable than Vista? ...and that was after a clean install.

Tories to cut IT to keep National Insurance down

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I don't care!

Dear incumbent government,

I'll happily renegotiate the contracts I have. But you won't get any service improvements that I feel would be of benefit to you even if they are sometimes outside scope, and I'll work strictly to the letter of the contract when you change your mind. I can guarantee my life will be easier and yours will be neither better, nor cheaper in the long run.

Ordnance Survey consultation reaches end of line

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@17th March 2010 10:23 GMT

Where on earth are you buying your maps? I pay £30 for an Explorer (1:25000) or 25 for a Land Ranger (1:50000). www.tracklogs.co.uk.

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