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Exciting company seeks Linux engineer


Somewhat appropriate ...

That seems an appropriate bonus for someone who will be "Supporting maintaining and troubleshooting the clients ... sewers".


Twitter on a ZX Spectrum

Thumb Up

Elite & Chuckie Egg

Ahh, Namey Name, so it was you who clocked up that impressive score on Chuckie Egg? I'll raise my hand as the guy who set the high score on that beeb before you on the Sunday morning, and I was intrigued to discover later in the day that there was someone around who also knew his way around the ladders. :)

Plus if you do have an original Acornsoft Elite poster you want to part with at any point, I'd be well up for bidding on that. Feel free to drop me a line through the email address contact link off the Chuckie Egg site that Andrew linked to on the first page of this article ... ;)

Maybe if you make it to R3PLAY in November, we could go head to head on CE!


Apple's Mac - the ghostbuster's choice


Still a ways behind the BBC Micro ...

Think Apple has a long way to go to catch up to Acorn's BBC Micro from the 80s.

In 1984-87, Ken Webster in Dodleston, UK, believed himself to be in contact with someone called Tomas Harden from the 16th-century, along with other characters including some claiming to be from the future - one of them being known as 2109 (or 2105). The messages are purported to have been left - somehow through the space-time continuum - on a humble BBC Model B fitted with an Acorn DFS upgrade. They were found on the editing screen of the ROM-based word processor EDWORD and within EDWORD files created on disk (or appended to them). Ken detailed the curious case in his now out-of-print book The Vertical Plane [1989 Grafton Books, ISBN: 0-586-20476-8], two episodes of a BBC 1 documentary series presented by Carol Vorderman [Out Of This World, 20 August 1996 & 27 August 1996] and in a Fortean Times article, [The Vertical Plane - FT108].

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