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Farewell Cassini! NASA's Saturnian spacecraft waves goodbye for its Grand Finale


Re: Not a close-up of the rings

This is a close up of the North pole, in fact, taken 2017-04-26T07:49Z (https://saturn.jpl.nasa.gov/raw_images/412654/)

Boffins measure 27 quantum states of light


Nobody understands...

"I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics." - Richard Feynman

Senator threatens FAA with legislation over in-flight fondleslabbing


Re: Interference vs. Distraction

I meant to specify, those regulations apply specifically to the taxi, takeoff, and landing phases of flight. That's how the airlines are fine to offer the WiFi and cellular connectivity during the rest of the trip.


Interference vs. Distraction

If they're worried about distraction, why don't they say so? Regulations (I work in the industry) state that, for each device/aircraft combination, a separate flight without passengers must be conducted to verify the device does not cause harmful interference. With the incredible volume of existing devices on the market (not to mention older ones that are still in use), airlines and aircraft manufacturers don't want to take the time to conduct all the tests currently required by the FAA.

HSBC pinpoints branches with sub-atomic accuracy


1e-17 miles =

16.09344 femtometers

114.95314 femtolinguine

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 embraces - yes - HTML5


PNG yet?

Will IE support the alpha channel of PNG images, finally?

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