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Sony PS3 Slim


How little you know

There is one reason for that - The Xbox 360 is the lead development platform for most multi-platform games, they are then 'ported' to the PS3 and therefore aren't designed to take advante of the extra grunt the PS3 offers.

However as the PS3 closes the sales gap with the 360 more and more multiplatform games are being developed on the PS3, or seperately so there is parity between them or the PS3 has extra benefits designed to take advantage of the Blu-ray's extra space.

You only have to look at PS3 exclusive titles like Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, heavy Rain & God Of War to see that titles developed for the PS3 are leaps and bounds ahead of the opposition.


Interesting Points raised In The Review?

Hopefully I can counter them without having post failed by a mod for no reason again....

"hampered by a limited range of quality titles"

Really? Well just read what Metacritic (the industry leading review aggregator) had to say, crowning the PS3 the best gaming console of 2009 with 5 out of the top 10 rated titles on the PS3, 4 to the 360 and 1 to the DS.

It also had the highest rated game of the year in Uncharted 2 which has now won more Game Of The Year awards then any other game in history.

You can read the plaudits the PS3 games received last year here


this year has already been even better with the release of MAG, Heavy Rain & God Of War 3, encompassing a wide range of genres which shows the PS3 real strength over its competitor in doing a better job of appealing to a wide range of tastes than any other machine available.

"In terms of features there may be a long way to go"

Odd comment for a machine which as acknowledged by industry experts above has the greatest range of 'great' games and the lowest amount of 'poor' or 'mixed' games along with being a media centre powerhorse playing everything from CDs to DVDs and the latest Blu-rays with no add-ons needed.

The web browser is unique in HD consoles and greatly expands the flexibility of the unit

It also has either 120GB or 250GB HardDrive shipped with every unit, unlike the 360 where these are expensive additions if you go for the 'cheap' model which brings me on to wireless... These days wifi connectivity is pretty much essential, with the PS3 it comes as standard with the 360 this is an expensive extra.

Online play is also free with the PS3...


Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 embraces - yes - HTML5

Gates Halo


With every new release another nail is hammered in to the coffin of the god awful Flash plug-in



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