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Ubisoft to turn games into movies, TV shows

Juan 2
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Assassins Creed *could* be a good one

If they make a movie of Assassins Creed of similar quality to the the Assassins Creed Lineage short movies, then it could be a good one...


ID cards have three databases, says minister

Juan 2

What biometric data?

I went last week Thursday to do the application and I received the card in the post yesterday. So much for biometric data as they only took my photo and finger prints. I was not asked to pee in a cup or to fry my eyes in a lazer eyeball gazing thinghy, or do a blood donation.

So, what's all the fanfare about? The paperwork only covered your name, address and citizenship. You have to divulge a lot more about yourself just to open a bank account, or buy something on credit.



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