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Ad industry OKs climate porn


Just to be clear though

That wasn't this government. It was Thatcher.


Smug at all?

I don't think it's right that the chairman of the ASA also chairs the Environment Agency. Never said I did. But, since you brought it up, I am worried it creates a potential conflict of interest, or at least undermines the credibility of the ASA is some quarters.

However (I'll say it again) citing this judgement as evidence of bias just doesn't stack up, as it found the posters *did* overstate the certainty regarding the outcomes of global warming.

But I'm guessing you'd rather these ads hadn't run at all, because you disagree with the fundamental premise that we're responsible for climate change. And that's fine. However, the ASA isn't there to make a judgement about whose science is correct - only whether the ads which ran acurately reflected the current best understanding. And, like it or not, the establishment view remains behind AGW.

I'm not saying that won't change over time. I'm not a climate scientist and I don't pretend to be one. But for the ASA to say the ads were fundamentally misleading would have been to back what is still a minority view, against the majority of evidence.

Regarding my credibility and coat-fetching: setting up a flimsy straw man argument doesn't really justify that kind of triumphalist sign-off.


Sneaky ASA hides eco-bias by ruling against green ads

So, the ASA rejected the complaints about the TV ads, but upheld the complaints about the posters. On what basis then do you conclude they’re in the pockets of the government-fuelled advertising industry? Or is it only the half of the judgement you disagree with which was a conspiracy by crooked, greedy green lobby?

You’re right though; its terrible when sources we’re supposed to trust leave out information which doesn’t fit with their own bias. I particularly enjoyed your coverage of last week’s Met Office report on the strengthening evidence for AGW.



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