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Apple MacBook Pro 15in

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Desktop replacement?

I don't consider a 15 in machine this svelt to be a desktop replacement - sure, it can fulfil that role, but these are some of the most portable 15 in laptops made, certainly being amonst the slimmest and lightest.

I have a 3yo 15 in MacBook Pro and it's very portable indeed, you just need a lap protector if you're using it on the sofa/in bed for any great length of time, which to be honest, you should have for any laptop anyway as most of them vent underneath (unlike the MBP which vents out the back).

Leica S2 professional medium format DSLR

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I want one...

with all the lenses.

That looks amazing. Now to just rustle up a small mortgage and we're away.

Sainsbury's techie jailed for loyalty card scam

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There's no such thing as 'more' or 'less' of a victim, you're either a victim or you're not. Sainsburys is a victim, the baby is a victim.

I don't dispute that it's decidely unfair - surely killing a baby counts as murder and warrants an appropriate sentence?

Lane Fox promises sub-£100 PCs

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"Complete with..."

"... complete with telephone support, monitor, mouse and Linux software"

What, no keyboard? That'll make things interesting :)

Canon Pixma MG-5250 Wi-Fi all-in-one inkjet printer

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Ink prices

What I'd like to know is where you're buying a complete ink set for £25?! I've seen complete sets for around the £49 mark, and CMY sets for £25, but nothing cheaper than that sadly. Care to share?

Looks like a very tempting printer, though...

Stoke Council avoids fine over lost childcare data on USB stick farce

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"reports and details of care proceedings ... were mislaid ... which might have easily been avoided by the use of memory sticks that support encryption."

Sorry, but how does encrypting a memory stick prevent it from being mislaid? Yes it'll stop the data from getting into the wrong hands, but, had this particular memory stick been encrypted, the data would have been lost forever because no one would have been able to plug it in and determine its origin from the data contained within, whether the individual who handed it in or the organisation s/he handed it to who determined this.

Not that I condone not encrypting the sticks, of course.

Synology DiskStation DS411+ Nas box

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Not the fastest?

According to this it is:


And who says it's ugly? Looks quite nice to me...

Hands on with the new Apple MacBook Air

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You make a good point...

but your knowledge of coffee is abysmal!

WD rolls out 3TB today

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Re: sounds good but

Interesting... I have 4 GP drives in a RAID5, and it's not that fast but attributed it to a slow built in controller on the MB.

Do you have a link with more details?

Canon EOS 1000D

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It's the lens

The problem was not your camera, but that old 18-55mm non-IS kit lens was terrible. Looks like they've updated the kit to include the 18-55 IS version which is much much sharper.

If your friends shoot Nikon though it makes sense to go with Nikon as you can share lenses and accessories much more easily!

Debenhams wows shoppers with free delivery offer

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Debenhams weddings

You're not the only one to have had a problem with the wedding services.

While we didn't have an issue with the gift list itself, we opted to add some items to the list that couldn't be found in store and only on the internet. This wasn't in itself a problem, the problem came when they tried to deliver it.

For some reason, they decided to deliver one of the items (out of a microwave, food processor and toaster oven) separately to my parents' address (where I was living before getting married). Unfortunately they were on holiday, so they dropped it over the back gate. Apparently they didn't think this would be a problem. Unsurprisingly, it was a bit broken.

Then they delivered the microwave and toaster oven to our new address. The microwave looked like someone had dropped a brick on it (not on the box - on the microwave) and toaster oven was missing a massive chunk out of the casing.

When they redelivered, the food processor was fine, the new microwave had a chip missing from the glass plate and the toaster oven had a problem with the LCD display on it.

By this point I was so bored of dealing with them I gave up and accepted the faults as the items were at least functional.

I did at least manage to badger 100 quid out of them, but was no way near what I was aiming to get and didn't hugely compensate for the inconvenience.

Sony Vaio M Atom 2.0 netbook

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While I agree that crapware is the bain of my life (and probably many others' lives too), it doesn't matter for the kind of people this machine is aimed at.

For people who are likely to read The Reg, they will always shop around to find a machine that is the best of breed, fully capable and best value. This Sony will not come into the radar for these shoppers so crapware won't be a problem.

For the average PC World/Currys/John Lewis shopper, the only thing they're looking for a good looking machine. The Sony fits that bill, and is priced similar to other models, so they will see they can get a Sony machine (and of course Sonys are of higher value than other brands, because it's Sony) for the same price as anything else, and they will just use whatever crapware Sony ship with it, because, well they don't know any better. They don't care that their videos, music and DVDs open in VAIO media gate or whatever, just that they open. Then they'll install iTunes with QuickTime to go with their iPod/iPhone and all of a sudden you'll have conflicts between 3 media apps and their techie friend will get a call and have to spend 3 hrs of their own time untangling the whole mess all the while cursing Sony's name under their breath.

Not that it's ever happened to me before, no.

The $20K iPad

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As if...

... the iPad wasn't pointless and expensive enough already - I think this takes the biscuit!

Nikon D3s

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Re: rivals

The 1D mkIV is a 1.3 crop, not 1.6, as with all previous 1D models

Stop whinging about video. If you don't use it, then ignore it. Believe it or not, there are professional video companies using DSLRs to produce their videos now as they offer the cheapest way to get shallow depth of field images. For pro HD video cameras, you would need to pay upwards of £15k to get the level of quality you can get from £2-3k spent on a DSLR and a couple of good lenses.

Good review though, loved the shot of the baby. Glad you've finally got a pro to do your DSLR reviews! Would like to see the same level of quality applied to your Canon and other DSLR reviews too.

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