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PSP 2 'as powerful as PS3'


@ Bub

To be fair Bub, i think that the majority of the market isnt with you on that one. And i think that the fact that the PSP (barring a few stand out titles as has been pointed out) died on its arse; somewhat bears out the fact that the "Micro games" approach used by the iPhone and to a lesser extent the DS is winning on handhelds.

Fair play, you may want that full cinematic experience on the move. But i think most people are much happier with something less involving for their commute to work. Myself included.

That said im not condemning this device before it arrives, maybe it'll be great. Maybe the market will shift back towards the hardcore.

But on the evidence of the last few years, casual is the direction that the ship of gaming is drifting in, and it seems unlikely to change any time soon.


Its just a little bit of history repeating....

One does have to question whether Sony have really learned from their mistakes here.

For me, the biggest problem with the original PSP is that they didnt understand the hand-held market.

In a hand-held, i dont want to play cut down versions of full console games, i dont want the full console experience in my pocket. I THOUGHT i did, before i had it. But then i realised that the hand-held is all about those 5 minute experiences while waiting for a train, pick up, put down, without having to retain anything in between.

Thats why the DS won, and as much as i respect this technology hugely if it is as good as it says, it smells a little like Sony have failed to learn from their mistakes last time around.

Time will tell i suppose.

Little Big Planet 2

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Who are the biggest electric car liars - the BBC, or Tesla Motors?


Like for like

Technological changes have to be compared on a like for like basis and i personally welcome this story as an effort to counterbalance the frankly insane bias and hyperbole directed at the green issue from government and hippy lentil-worriers.

Bottom line, if im going to spend £10,000+ on a vehicle, i expect to be able to take it anywhere, with a moderate degree of comfort and convenience. As i can now with a petrol/diesel car.

As has been said, if you live in the city you are unlikely to have the infrastructure available to support these vehicles, if you live in the country you are unlikely to have much use for their piddly range.

Modern diesels are cleaner to run (Electricity production and manufacture of the battery are like ecological plagues by comparison) and more versatile in every concievable way.

Electric car manufacturers are basically going to have 2 choices in the near future, short of a very rapid advancement of battery technology:

1: Be honest about the limitations and accept there will never be a mass market for a car that is only going to appeal to green-freaks, but requires a fossil burning alternative to be owned in tandem to take up the flak when your range anxiety hits, thus putting off....greek-freaks.

2: Continue to do as they are currently and blatantly lie.

PS3 will outsell Wii by 2013

Jobs Horns


I'd be very suprised if new hardware was being touted in 2013.

All 3 major manufacturers seem to be suggesting that the current crop will be with us for quite a few years yet, even though some of them (Wii and 360) are beginning to look a little long in the tooth.

Personally, i have all 3 systems and i have to agree wholeheartedly that the novelty is worn off the Wii, for me it went a long time ago.

The 360 to be honest gets the most play, but going forward im getting more and more irritated by it. It feels like every single feature on the 360 is an advert for them to peddle tat like avatar baseball caps or overpriced DLC crap.

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