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RSA comes out swinging at claims it took NSA's $10m to backdoor crypto


Standard court-room principles of determining veracity scream "you're lying!"

Edward Snowden has established his veracity and good intentions several times over, but now the RSA is calling him or his documents lies. The RSA has offered nothing more to refute Edward Snowden's established veracity and good intentions beyond a flat denial. The denial does not even have as much credibility as "I am not a crook" (Richard Nixon), "I did not have sex with that woman" (Bill Clinton), or "American boots will not touch the ground in Syria" (nobody went for that one).

The hand writing on the wall says that the RSA is already out of business.

United Nations to grill US over alleged NSA bugging of its HQ – report


And What Will They Do About It? Snivel?

So, they are going to ask the United States: "Is it true? have you been looking at my bum?"

No matter what the response, what's the retort? It's lame: absolutely nothing will change except that the careless will be more careful.

Manning's lawyer plans presidential pardon campaign, says client will appeal


I was in a housing unit as a Nevada prisoner that allegedly housed the 40 most dangerous prisoners in the State of Nevada. I was there for "verbal assault," but Jake Gallegos, the serial killer, was a few doors down for a time. He could be enlisted and serve in positions of trust such as those held by Manning and Snowden and could then be rewarded with private viewings of some of our great country's choicest murder videos. People of conscience shouldn't have to bear these pains, and we can do much better.

Tor servers vanish as FBI swoops on kiddie-smut suspect


Good News?

This is one of the few places where I would support a fascist dictatorship of allegedly moral officials. The Libertarian ideal of freedom to the point of not harming others is crossed badly by kiddie porn, and who would doubt it? The only danger here is that a fascist dictatorship of allegedly moral officials would accuse their detractors of anything -- even kiddie porn -- as a means to an end. I support any fascist dictatorship if kiddie porn is their actual target, but it says volumes about what I think of their character if I don't trust them even as to their statements about kiddie porn. After Snowden's revelations -- and their lies in response -- who would doubt it?

Naomi Campbell bitchslaps NY limo driver


Rich Presumptions

I am a taxi driver, and I have to deal with disrespectful, belligerent, or violent behavior from time to time.

I will more or less tolerate disrespectful behaviour from well-heeled customers because I keep my eye on the ball -- me getting paid.

I have tried to do the same with drunken, belligerent behaviour about 6 times, but I have learned the hard way that I cannot get paid by someone who is calling me P's & B's and then claims that I got the address wrong and then says the magic words: "I'm not gonna pay!" That's when I move them out of the taxi. The last one was a young woman whom I left on a dark corner in a bad neighborhood like a common crack whore. I called her friends at the telephone number of her pick-up address to let them know so that they could go help her, but I was done with her.

With actual violence or runners, I try to do as little as possible because the perpetrators are generally hispanic and the higher-ranking hispanic Tucson police don't enforce the law against hispanics to the same extent as they would against white perpetrators, and so I try to avoid the inevitable spin that would follow if I were to seriously injure one of their paisanos. I generally just defend to the extent necessary and then later call the useless, worthless police. I once ran off someone by trying to run him over with my taxi, but I was spontaneously protecting a woman in the street with her children from his violence, and both he and she were black, so the Tucson police didn't mind.

Naomi Campbell? I'd let her hit me and walk away if it came to that, but I would probably have stopped the car and told her to get out long before that. No one has the moral right to hit or abuse someone over dissatisfaction with a f...ing taxi ride. I commend the driver for getting a lawyer and getting paid to apologise (I could do it).

Very Respectfully,

Ray Donald Pratt

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