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ECJ asked to rule on crucial internet publishing jurisdiction issue


I agree

I think this is the only sensible option and i would expand slightly to say the jurisdiction should be where the legal entity (i.e. the person or company) resides or operates. If the jurisdiction is where the server is located i could set up a company called MyPirateMP3s.com in the UK, set up some servers in some obscure country with lax copyright laws and simply say to the court it's not your jurisdiction my servers are in Swaziland or wherever. Conversely if you are subject to the jurisdiction of wherever the person accessing the site is located then to run a globally legal website you would have to comply with the local laws of every single country in the world with internet access.

Northerners give up ID cards for Lent figures suggest


Suspiciously round numbers

Given civil servents love of round numbers i think the 100 application difference between 16th and 18th Jan just means the actual figure crossed the boundry to round up to 3800 rather than rounding down to 3700


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