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Paris Hilton crowned 'Worst Actress of the Decade'

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton To Me Is Not The Worst Actress.

I don't think Paris deserves the award i think Miley Cyrus does. Paris is an okay actress the only reason she got worst actress is because her last name is Hilton and shes rich. I am so tired of people judging her because of that, to be honest with you Paris did an amazing job in repo!, the hottie,and house of wax, she has a good voice and has a great scenes of humor. I don't understand why she does so outstanding on t.v. and gets trashed talked about her movies. Now miley cyrus have you seen her act?!, I mean the girl is terrible! she has an amazing voice but has no acting chops. Paris on the other hand is not that bad i mean she ain't no Julia Roberts but give her a role as an airhead or a dumb blond and she will sure make a name for herself as an actress. =]



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