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Ubisoft undone by anti-DRM DDoS storm



I understand you're angry but not even knowing the actual name of the service you are decrying doesn't gain you any sympathy and makes us all wonder if you know how to handle your hardware or software.

Steam, not "Stream", has never required an "always on" connection for single player games. At worst you will need to have Steam running in order to play but guess what, Steam has an easily selectable Offline Mode. Once running in Offline Mode, restarting Steam gives you the option to stay in offline mode. A quick web search tells me that DoW2 has an added step of telling Games for Windows Live to go offline too.

Steam also has the option, per game, to not automatically download updates. This is useful if you accidentally do connect.

So, other than the first connection to Steam to register the game and download the initial patch, you would never need to connect again. If you then want to avoid having to redownload the initial patch for all eternity, copy the game's install folder from the Steam directory (after the patch) and save it or burn it to disc.

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