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The Best of El Reg 2011 now on Kindle


Push away, just for less money.

I have nothing against the publishing of this 'book', nor the use of a story to advertise.

I do however a take a little bit of offence at the price. With my limited disposable income already spread thin thanks to having too many relatives requiring presents, and that annoying girlfriend who insists on receiving something at this time of year, I'm not sure I could justify ~£6 for what is arguably a culmination of freely available Internet content (albeit content chosen and presented for me in a useful format).

Perhaps if you were able to keep such items in the magic 'same as coffee' ~£3 range I would be more inclined to purchase (and perhaps if your chosen distribution method was less Amazon and more stop raping me for your part in the sale of my content you could afford to charge less anyway?).


Whatever happened to the email app?


Hang on!

There seems to have been absolutely no mention on the wonderful IncrediMail in this article.

Surely one of the most useful and best loved e-mail clients of all time should have had at least a mention!

For those not familiar with IncrediMail, it is perhaps the most incredible piece of software ever made with ridiculously useful features like animations after sending mail, and a butler who sits on your desktop eating resources!!



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