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Yet another Java zero-day vuln is being exploited

adam 77

Re: What's this "until it is patched" rubbish?

QuickJava plugin for firefox has on/ off toggle buttons for java, flash, silverlight, others right in the addons bar at bottom of the browser window. Pretty slick.


Apple iCloud: Steve Jobs' own private internet

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into the cloud...

Of course people need to move all of their data into the cloud so they can rent their own data from apple, google and others. Oh sure, the first 5GB is free, but who has only 5GB of data anymore?

And when people cannot handle the latency or inconvenience apple will "invent" the local cloud "a cloud on your own computing iDevice". Google will soon copy them and fanbois will commense with the usual exchange of pleasantries.


Why and when choose PaaS?

adam 77


"Of all th C-word services..."

Use a wildcard instead of that bulky arrangment. So the quote becomes

Of all the *aaS services...

Finally cloud marketspeak that is descriptive!


Brain scanners to be used to 'design' political candidates

adam 77

Marketing hype^2

This is marketing hype aimed at marketing pros. What will an advertising

exec with no ideas and a wad of cash spend do? He will get the magic

scientifical mind reader machine to do his ad campaign for him. Never

mind that it in reality it will be marginally more effective than administering

the standard marketing exam asking the test subject to rate

like/dislike/how strongly, the same questions. And the tinfoil hat crowd will

give this additional credibility. Even if the marketing exec knows it isn't

magically going to invent the new killer product he could definitely

convince his CEO of that and cover himself later with "it was cutting edge




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