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To enable the Google "hang out" feature of this device, simply connect the cable to the USB-cup.......


Brits blame Apple, Nokia, RIM et al for smartphone woes


O2 "Head in the Sand" attitude

The iPhone is a great product (and I'm far from being an Apple envangelist!), and does 99% of what most of it's users want. The problem is the O2 network, particularly Edge and 3G coverage, but many O2 users have poor voice and SMS too, with constant calls dropped, etc. This is predominantly inside buildings, and in many cases, private houses.

With the iPhone monopoly that O2 enjoyed, a large percentage of iPhone users are stuck with them for up to 18 months or so from, now.

O2 continually refuse to discuss any plans to launch a femtocell device (e.g. Vodafones "Sure Signal") which, for around £50, would at least give a decent personal voice and data connection to those with a good broadband link. It's a shame that, with a decent broadband connection and a wireless router, all of the bells and whistles stuff works great with WiFi!!

SO come on, O2, get your Femtocell act together, or you'll have hordes of iPhone users moving to Vodafone as soon as their contracts expire, and I know I''ll be one!

For those in a similar situation, see the discussion here :-




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