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Hurrah! Windfarms produce whopping one per cent of EU energy

Chris Ryder

I love that Gridwatch link posted by Ivan 4 - absolutely fascinating. Nice one, Ivan.

I'm not sure how accurate it is though - I turned my kettle on and the needle's hardly moved.

Billionaire astro mining venture long on hype and timescale

Chris Ryder

Nothing new here

This is nothing new. Mining lasers have been available since the 1980's for 800 credits from any system with a tech level of 10 or more, fuel scoops are available for about 525 credits (tech level > 5). Unfortunately the massive fluctuations in the prices for the mined goods coupled with the time it takes to perform the mining meant I always preferred to trade in alcohol and machinery.

Orange unveils GlastoNav

Chris Ryder
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I found Glastonav to be...

...really very, very slow. That might be due to my SE P1i (not the whizziest of phones). Does anyone else have this problem?

Fancy a nuclear power station in your backyard?

Chris Ryder

Cooling Towers

I understand that all the heat energy from the water can't be used and that the water needs to be cooled. But why just let all that heat lose into the atmosphere? Why can't it be piped around to heat houses, hospitals, offices, etc.? They manage this in other countries.

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