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HMRC: We 'rigorously tested' IR35 tax-check tool... but have almost nothing to show for it

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To paraphrase an advertising meme...

What goes into CEST stays in CEST.

I'm leaving now.

'Numpty new boy' lets the boss take fall for mailbox obliteration

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Back in the day ...

In the 1980's the large-ish company where I worked trotted out a new email system. Many members of management were unable to adapt and continued to dictate messages to their secretaries to be sent by email with a typed copy placed in a file drawer, followed by an interoffice FAX of the identical message, followed by the secretary hand carrying a printed copy of the email to the recipient's office. The behaviors improved over time, but is still amazes me the company was profitable.

Microsoft man: Internet Explorer had to go because it's garbage

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Re: Well…

"...Its shocking that to date - Internet explorer doesn't work on linux or android out the box."

Were it to come to pass, such an achievement would be analogous to picking up a turd by the clean end.

Oz auditor: Number of times failed government biometric project met a milestone = None

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Not enough targets

"Yet if one of my small projects ( less than £10K) goes 10% overspend I get a grilling about my budget management skills."

I note the use of first person singular in your post, and therein lies your problem. Your scapegoat population is too limited.

Encryption? This time it'll be usable, Thunderbird promises

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Re: Dear TBird team

If by "screw it up" you mean changing the perfectly good and traditional names of folders like "Trash" to "Deleted," you're too late.

Sorry friends, I'm afraid I just can't quite afford the Bitcoin to stop that vid from leaking everywhere

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Re: I've seen a definite uptick in these

Recently a site at which I had registered through their "secure server" returned a clear text email with my login credentials, including my Carefully Crafted Unique Password (TM!). When I poked the site owner, he responded his IT staff said it was impossible to retrieve a password. Obviously someone was lying.

My point is many site owners are PHB's who are out of their technical depth on any matter relating to actual system operation.

Software changed the world, then died on the first of the month

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Re: @Rich 11


It is the spec writer who is responsible for understanding "the problem from the customer's point of view."

The developer/coder/programmer is responsible only for creating software which implements the "spec."

GDPR forgive us, it's been one month since you were enforced…

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Re: And once again...

Acronym Dyslexia. It's abundant throughout the post.

My PC makes ‘negative energy waves’, said user, then demanded fix

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It isn't just computers!

A few decades ago, I managed a small general aviation avionics repair shop. Around that time, Cessna introduced BEIGE panels on the front of their radios because their marketing geniuses had concluded grease, oil, and dirt are never present on a flight line. We had one customer who would come in weekly to complain that the navigation receiver was out of whack and needed recalibrating. Every week we would connect the test set and every week the Nav functions were better than spec.

One week, after performing the ritual check and again finding nothing required adjusting, I noticed the BEIGE front panel was looking rather krufty. I fetched the bottle of Panel Cleaner (Windex (r)), gave it a couple of spritzes and wiped it off. A few days later, the customer came in to say how happy he was we had found the problem with his radio and it was working perfectly!

As with so many of the other anecdotes in this thread, the moral is don't spend a lot of time looking for a technical solution when psychology can accomplish so much more.

Sole Equifax security worker at fault for failed patch, says former CEO

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Re: It's 2017 and NO ONE practices basic security yet.

Speaking from many years' experience with building codes and building inspectors, I assure you those aren't useful as models for how to manage anything unless you propose to cite them as bad examples.

Mappy days! Ordnance Survey offers up free map of UK greenery

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Black Helicopters

On this side of the pond...

Copied from merriam-webster.com because I wasn't interested in subscribing to the OED.

"Definition of ordnance


a : military supplies including weapons, ammunition, combat vehicles, and maintenance tools and equipment

bombers dropped heavy concentrations of ordnance on every targeted airfield — Ron Dick

b : a service of the army charged with the procuring, distributing, and safekeeping of ordnance"

My question: Is this another color vs colour spelling mismatch or is something more sinister afoot?

To explain further (same source):

Definition of ord.i.nance


a : an authoritative decree or direction : order On that day the king signed three ordinances.

b : a law set forth by a governmental authority; specifically : a municipal regulation A city ordinance forbids construction work to start before 8 a.m.


: something ordained or decreed by fate or a deity

Let ordinance come as the gods foresay [=foretell] it. — William Shakespeare


: a prescribed usage, practice, or ceremony observes the ordinance of abstinence during Lent

Connectivity's value is almost erased by the costs it can impose

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Re: ... and a descent into a kind of stupidity we haven’t seen in many years.

"we are moving to the realization of the neocon wet dream fast."

WTF does that mean?

Given a choice between a socialist, a candidate under investigation by the FBI, and a businessman who isn't part of the DC cesspool, I think the outcome is acceptable.

What's a "neocon".

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Re: "Stupidity we haven’t seen in many years"

Certainly, The inability to distinguish between "knowledge" and "information" plays a key role.

Drunk user blow-dried laptop after dog lifted its leg over the keyboard

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Rank, Ranker, Rankest

"But he had no concerns about stinking up the IT department and also, more importantly, had rank."

It generally applies when referring to management compared to people who actually perform useful work, this manager was "ranker" than the IT department. While he was in Jim's office, he was the rankest person in the room.

Deeming Facebook a 'publisher' of users' posts won't tackle paedo or terrorist content

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Big Brother

Re: Which country's legal jurisdiction to use?

Why pick on America? It is the United Nations which wants to be the world's governing body. I think Brussels isn't far behind in that desire. Heaven help us if either succeeds.

New Windows 10 privacy controls: Just a little snooping – or the max

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Is this a technical site or a hack political fake news site?

[quote]On the other hand, Microsoft – like other American tech companies – can be compelled to hand over this sort of customer information to the Feds, who are about to be under the control of a remorseless bully who loves to hold a grudge.[/quote]

Give it a rest!

Wait, wait – I got it this time, says FCC as it swings again at rip-off US TV cable boxes

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We're from the government.

We're here to help.

Scares me and I'm fearless!

Petulant Facebook claims it can't tell the difference between child abuse and war photography

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Re: Ummm . . .

"Certainly the image represents violence against children,.."

You are so wrong! The image represents one of the consequences of war.

If the photo showed a child running from an abusive parent, then your statement might be correct.

Microsoft won't back down from Windows 10 nagware 'trick'

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I prefer WINE to Whine

Move along. Nothing to see here.

Admin fishes dirty office chat from mistyped-email bin and then ...?

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Re: Devils advocate.

Obviously, the customer isn't always right. It is proper to let all misaddressed emails bounce. Otherwise, people are unaware of their addressing mistakes. Not only that, letting them bounce removes this ridiculous "morality dilemma."

Associated Press sues FBI for impersonating its site to install spyware

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Credibilty Lost?

"This practice undermines the credibility of the independent news media, and should not be tolerated," said RCFP litigation director Katie Townsend.

Dear Katie,

What with the distortions, lies, altering of relevant facts by omission or commission, and a predatory bias in nearly all reportage, the "independent news media", as you call them, are doing a fabulous job of undermining their own credibility. Outside help is not needed.

Flying cars will take to the skies in 2017, if government allows

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Hey Everybody. Watch this!

What I'm waiting to see is a video of one of these landing in a crosswind greater than 10 kts and at least 20 degrees off straight down the runway. I expect it will be interesting, exciting, and the aftermath will be ugly! Hence, the famous last words in the title.

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Re: "Airborne aviation"

The sub-headline was drafted by the Department of Redundancy Department, don'cha know?

Why Tim Cook is wrong: A privacy advocate's view

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What will Tim Cook & Co. do when the terrorists shoot up Cupertino?

One has to wonder how firm Timmy's stance will be when it's Apple's own employees and facilities which have been attacked and there is an iThing left at the scene which may expose more information about the perpetrators. In other words, I suspect the strength of his morality is relative to how close the bullets fly to his own sorry butt.

Reminder: iPhones commit suicide if you repair them on the cheap

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Re: News angle?

So, you're OK with the malware named Windows 10 being forced onto your computer(s)? Without your consent?

Kool-Aid comes in many flavours because not all people like only one flavour.

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Apple is a single company. Antitrust laws are in place to prevent multiple companies from colluding to limit competition. You will find a suitably simplified description here: http://www.investopedia.com/ask/answers/09/antitrust-law.asp

Aircraft now so automated pilots have forgotten how to fly

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Re: Pilots?

My experience is too many people sitting at the wheel of a moving automobile already lack the skills and awareness to be in control of the vehicle. What makes you believe self-driving cars won't be an improvement?

Hello Kitty hack exposes 3.3 million users' details, says infosec bod

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Mozilla's next Thunderbird gives Gmailers hope

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"And show me any phone bearing 8GB of RAM, mister."

Droid Does. 14.83 GB in mine (stock purchase) to be exact

Forgot your ThinkPad password? Get new hardware

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How does a manufacturer...

provide a warranty against user stupidity? Especially if they're not allowed to correct the cause of the failure which is what they could do if the problem originated in their product.

'Promiscuous slapper fruitfly sluts prevent mass extinctions'

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Black Helicopters

@ian 22

Likewise most state and federal guvmint tw*ts in the former colonies.

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