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Vulcan? Not on our tiny balls. Pluto moons named Kerberos, Styx


Attack of the ultra-nerd ...

Surely they're saving the Vulcan moniker for a planet orbiting 40 Eridani A when they find one?

I'll get my coat ...

Quantum boffins send data ACROSS TIME AND SPACE


Re: Did anyone else notice?

Are you certain?

Apple asked me for my BANK statements, says outraged reader


You know you don't have to buy Apple products from the Apple store? You can buy them through Amazon and all sorts of other outlets, ones who don't demand DNA tests before handing over your goods.

Channel Five reborn as Channel Five

Paris Hilton


So to save money they spent money on re-branding the channel?

Is it just me or would it have been more cost effective not to re-brand and to keep using the existing idents for another year or so?

Paris, because it's really not that difficult to work out ...

Canada steps closer to legalising sex work


Very commendable, but ...

... what's the tech angle?

Or are you casting aspersions on the character and pulling power of the tech/geek community?

'Larry and Sergey's HTML5 balls drained my resources'


Am I missing something?

The article is talking about an HTML5 animation of a buckyball that went live on Saturday (3 days ago! nothing like current news content ...).

Today's doodle is a bunch of dots that move according to your mouse gestures and settle down into the logo if you don't do anytihng. That's written in JavaScript.

Seems to me there are two things being talked about here - or should i get my coat?

Orange outs iPhone 4 pricing


Vodafone pre-orders?

I hear rumours that Vodafone (at least) will take pre-orders on Friday - anyone else hearing that?

Government says axing Becta will save £10m


Surely that can't be right ... ?

That's a cut that actually makes sense.

Something's wrong here. Somethings VERY wrong ...

Experts rubbish iPhone for health use


It already exists

The MediSlat MCA i1040XT already meets almost all of these needs and has network security at an acceptable level as it runs Windows XP Pro or Vista Business editions. It even allows for hot swapping batteries.

OK, it's not cheap, but it's fit for purpose, proven and available.

What's even more amazing is it took me 10 minutes to find this product via Google and didn't involve an expensive trial period of inappropriate technology.

Read more here:



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