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Hell desk to user: 'I know you're wrong. I wrote the software. And the protocol it runs on'

Mike Sallman

Gopher Protocol

Because someone had to say it...

Ski-U-Mah !

Star Trek: The original computer game

Mike Sallman

I am so old

I (vaguely) remember playing a version in high school via modem and acoustic coupler to the mainframe at the local university and printed out on a line printer.

Now get off my lawn!

Beer... do I need a reason?

Bogus Kama Sutra presentation opens your backdoor to hackers

Mike Sallman

Playmobile Re-enactment


LOST Vulture One PARIS spaceplane FOUND!!!

Mike Sallman

re Playmobile re-enactment

Nah, we need a Live re-enactment. With Lester playing the role of Playmonaut, perhaps?

Well done!

Swedes brew up 18.5 per cent 'Ace of Spades Porter'

Mike Sallman

DogFish Head

And let's not forget....

Dogfish Head 120:


and World Wide Stout:


Both around 18% ABV. And there are just a few hops in there too.

Great beer!

NASA flying car engineer shoots down Reg coverage

Mike Sallman
Big Brother

Spanish, I think....

That would be a "hammer cheese sandwich", I believe...

Big Brother icon because it sort of looks like Manuel, maybe? If you squint really hard?

Visual Studio 2010 - chunky but has a great personality

Mike Sallman
Paris Hilton

Are those....

Dawn French?

Paris, because there's no Dawn French icon.

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