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Virgin Media scales back Project Lightning target in first quarter results


The thing to remember about Virgin is that as long as it works, you're golden. When it breaks, you're basically screwed.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise axing services techies again


Take your job and stick it.

As an ex EDS'er who became an HPE'er and then promptly escaped, I feel sorry for all my ex-colleagues who are constantly in fear of losing their jobs. It's not an environment I miss working in one bit.

Dell hooking up with EMC and going public again? Come off it


HP need stop buying things they don't need and can't use effectively

HP buying anyone who is good at anything seems like a terrible idea at this point, their management seem determined to run the company into the ground.

A hook up with Dell also seems like an odd choice too, but I can see why Dell want to do it, what with cloud and "digital" being all the rage now. We currently host and support several VCE VBlocks. Will this potential deal result in Cisco blades being kicked out in favour of Dell kit?

Virgin to offer 100Mb/s broadband by year's end


No traffic management?

I hope this comes to my area, as I'll be first in line!

I've been using Virgin's 50Mb service since the price dropped at the start of the year. The only reason I signed up to it was because it wasn't being traffic managed. Hitting 6000Kb/s in the afternoon/evening is a joy! I can downloads tens of gigs of "Linux distro's" in no time flat. If they continue that trend with 100Mb/s and don't charge the earth for it, I'll be there!

The second that traffic management is introduced, I'm gone.

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