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Make Isle of Man drugs paradise, says Jagger

andy gibson

Or maybe...

he's getting confused in his old age (bless him) and he misheard the recent Clarkson footpath story and "top gear".

William Shatner to star in Twitter-inspired TV show

andy gibson


Sounds more like Bart Simpson's cartoon "Angry Dad"

Google Street View whacked by German prosecutors, Czech data watchdog

andy gibson

@ AC

No he's not.

City Police still using Terror Act to bother photographers

andy gibson

Arrested for building photography

I've been arrested for photographing buildings numerous times. My "defence" that I'm recording history of 2010, and that they might one day be used in books like these:


falls on deaf ears.

I wonder if the Victorian photographers whose work is in these books ever had this kind of trouble?

Gary McKinnon's mum not prime minister

andy gibson

Andrew Robinson and 173 votes

Andrew Robinson also played Garak in Star Trek DS9 - former member of a prestigious Cardassian intelligence group called the Obsidian Order.

Smells like a super conspiracy to me.

The internet, as imagined in 1965

andy gibson

See the movie "Electric Dreams"

A great insight into giving computers loads of power.

Mobe-wielding drivers getting away with it

andy gibson


"massive Invasion of privacy"? You mean someone looking in your car windows? If you don't like it put some curtains up.

Phillies fan tasered for field incursion

andy gibson

Wednesday Fans

are a bunch of nasty, fickle thugs.

I was in a cashpoint queue about two months ago with Etienne Esajas in front of me and he was getting some right abuse from a fan who'd "been a supporter since the day he was born". The verbal towards Esajas continued, with him eloquently responding to the fan's concerns.

The fan ended the argument with "I pay your wages so go back to where you f*cking come from you f*cking w*g".

Wish I'd have had a taser, that "fan" and his mates wouldn't have been so big and clever laid on the floor, hopefully having soiled themselves after a tasering.

I'm a Blade BTW.

Terror in the Outback: Attack of the Giant Space Balloon

andy gibson

Official Statement

Not a weather balloon but an alien spacecraft. A reverse Roswell!

Virgin Media boasts more subscribers and more losses

andy gibson

still poor customer service

I signed up in September. They gave me a recycled number which was plagued by daily calls from debt collectors and Lord knows who else wanting the previous owner. The Indian call centre rep couldn't say anything other than the script on his screen and was completely useless so I just unplugged the phone.

I then recently requested a change to a new address and was spammed with "sorry you are leaving, please come back" emails. I'm not leaving the service, just taking it to a new address.

Ten free apps to install on every new PC

andy gibson

Another iTunes slater

Winamp FTW.

Oh and if you're running an old PC I can highly recommend REGISTRY LIFE my MyDefag to speed things up.

Things must be bad on the free protection software front if Microsoft is recommended. What happened to AVG and Antivir? I prefer to buy my AV software - NOD32 all the way.

Britain's bingers out-boozed by Irish

andy gibson

The only difference is

That the other countries can handle their ale and don't feel the need to fight after X pints or try and consume as much as possible in a short time.

US X-37B robot minishuttle: 'Secret space warplane'?

andy gibson

does this mean

NASA = Cardassian High Command

USAF = Obsidian Order

Or any other such trekkie reference. Apologies, I just watched an episode of DS9 where Riker stole the Defiant.

Official: Apple iPhone is a chick magnet

andy gibson

I'll just...

...stick with my good looks, husky Sean Bean-esque voice, and winning smile thanks all the same!

Chinese go beyond binary with ternary molecule

andy gibson

Futurama's Bender

was ternary.

Milkman skewers Google Street View over garage break-in

andy gibson

It would be funny

If the local council slapped him with some sort of fine for pressure washing all the muck off his drive onto the street and into the drains. I'm sure the Daily Mail know of some loony law that he's breaking.

Get ready for the revolution: internet TVs

andy gibson

Anyone remember the Bush Internet TV?

From around 2001?


Tory £12bn public sector cuts proposal would claim IT scalps

andy gibson

public sector woes

We've had "consultants" in, talking through the BSF changes that will affect my school. Its easy to see where money will be wasted - very expensive PCs which won't be utilised to their full potential when a £300 one will do the job, blanket wireless throughout the school and - get this - iphones for every pupil so they're "fully connected 24-7", not to mention scrapping the entire fully working IT infrastructure - wiring and servers.

If you're going to employ consultants, at least get some from the real world.

MS sees Windows 7 leap, but XP workhorse refuses to die

andy gibson

XP in the public sector

To get Windows 7 in my workplace I'd have to replace over 200 machines. I don't want to burden the taxpayer (nor will I get the chance with the slashed budgets) buying new machines when XP runs absolutely fine on our existing systems which are still going strong.

Intel: Just 3,000 employees run Windows 7

andy gibson

@Roger Greenwood

RE you steam powered calculator. Maybe it just has that dodgy Pentium chip in that couldn't do calculations!

Rare NES title takes $43,000 at auction

andy gibson

not as rare

As my copy of Great Giana Sisters for the Spectrum.

And as for "floppy" disks around the 3" size, Amstrad didn't help with their really hard cased 3" disks, or the 3" Quikdisks, which were 2.8"!

Sellafield gull cull mulled

andy gibson

Mark Thomas

Didn't Mark Thomas do something about this in one of his programmes years ago?

O2 claims win in UK mobile broadband speed test

andy gibson

My experience of O2

was rubbish. Barely 1Mb at the best of times and buggy software.

And for the few days the "Creamfields" music festival was on, forget it, I couldn't even connect.

Brit-born astronaut completes first spacewalk

andy gibson

A Yorkshireman to boot

And even more amusing to know his dad is called Stewart Patrick!

OpenOffice is the new David Hasselhoff

andy gibson

@ Menelaus

But if they did it would look like Vista or Windows 7, need twice as much RAM to run and take 5 times as long to start.

We need it to be FUNCTIONAL and QUICK, not pretty.

Fujifilm Finepix Real 3D W1

andy gibson

Not as bulky

as Voyager's doctor's holo-camera

London Sperm Bank whips out its wedding tackle

andy gibson

Lytham St Annes

It's actually the home of BAE Systems Warton, where the built and tested the Eurofighter.

Baker's dozen for bumper February MS Patch Tuesday

andy gibson

The cheek of it

And to think, on another forum I had a few people bleating on to me about the merits of Microsoft Security Essentials.

Why anyone would trust Microsoft for security programs when they can't even protect their core system is beyond me.

French mock British G-spot probe

andy gibson

@ Tony Green

I'm also in the "I can find it" club. It's great isn't it!!!!

Obama to scrap Moon, Mars expeditions - report

andy gibson

Lets just sit and wait

Until Zefram Cochrane is born and develops the warp drive.

eBay refiddles with auction fees

andy gibson

leaving negative feedback

Actually, you CAN leave negative feedback.

If there's a problem with your sale, simply report it to Ebay or Paypal and then the NEGATIVE option comes available, even before the matter is resolved.

I don't sell much on Ebay now, due to the prices, but I'll still use it to pick up "as-new" items for a fraction of the new cost or from second hand traders.

Dixons celebrates shiny Christmas

andy gibson


Yeah, but how much did they blow on advertising?

IIRC they opened and closed each ad break on all the major commercial channels over Xmas.

"I know what my xxxxx wants this Christmas". Yeah, a fricking slap and told to stop being so materialistic.

Mini-asteroid sneaks up on Earth

andy gibson

Rendezvous with Rama?

Comes at a time when I'm re-reading this classic.

Avatar renders this earthly life meaningless

andy gibson

"I'd do anything to be in Pandora"

Speaking as someone who avidly watched ITV's "Secret Diary of Adrian Mole" in the 80's, I used to think that a lot too.

UK Border Agency delights with festive e-card

andy gibson

oh the irony

A pretty strongly worded "card" to any Johnny foreigners, but the use of "Seasons Greetings" instead of "Merry Christmas" at the end just so we don't offend them!

Digital Dividend could cost cable TV dear

andy gibson

@Christian Berger

The south facing part of my house backs onto a forest with very tall trees. Even with dish on a pole I have no line of sight to a satellite.

Plus I like the fact there is no unsightly dish on my house.

Top cop's 'stop stopping snappers' memo: Too little too late?

andy gibson

Youtube vid

Is it me or is the PCSO just trying to wind up the photographer so he actually has a valid reason to detain or arrest her?

It's the 21st century of the police stopping you in your car because they don't like the look of you or your vehicle, then put their foot through your back light and do you for having defective lights.

James Cameron poised to make Fantastic Voyage

andy gibson

already re-made

Anyone remember "Innerspace"?

Durham police demonstrate DNA will stuff you

andy gibson

Seriously, who will this affect?

Because I'm not in the habit of carrying mephedrone or any other chemicals on me, I really don't have anything to hide or fear,

Virgin Galactic trumpets SpaceShipTwo

andy gibson

Its called the Enterprise....

So we need to know which captain is the astronaut's favourite. My money in on Picard.

Atlantis glides home with choked pee nozzle

andy gibson

The weight of p*ss

Does anyone really need to know the weight of urine? Surely the capacity in LITRES makes more sense?

Microsoft hit with lawsuit over Xbox memory card ban

andy gibson

@ Michelle Knight - treating them like a mod chip company

Have you ever seen the ACTION REPLAY MAX EVO device for the PS2? It comes with a USB stick and allows you to soft-mod your PS2 to have a different dashboard, or play and install copied games.

It might be a legal product, but the reason people buy it is to mod their PS2 without the need for a modchip.

Sky talks up subscription 3D merits

andy gibson

@ James 5

RE the in-room holographic system. Does anyone remember "Wild Palms"?

Irish brogue voted world's sexiest accent

andy gibson

seduced by someone purely because of their accent

"three fifths of women admitted they had been seduced by someone purely because of their accent"

As a Yorkshireman (with Sean Bean accent) living in Lancashire I can confirm this! :-)

Forum king vBulletin muzzles paid-up protesters

andy gibson

won't be upgrading

I renewed my VB 3 licence in August. From what I could gather, if I buy V4 I'm essentially throwing away the cost and subscription of my V3 licence.

Plus what's to stop them releasing V5 in six months time and I'm still stuck with a dead product.

Microsoft ropes in Family Guy to pimp Windows 7

andy gibson

Animated comedy

ALL animated comedy goes downhill after a few years. The Simpsons deserves far more scorn than FG or American Dad for continuing long after it's no longer entertaining, so don't just single out FG.

One cellphone for every ten lags in UK prisons

andy gibson

Blakey Review?

(With apologies to the wonderful Stephen Lewis) "I 'ate you Nokia"

Ballmer mixed on Windows 7's success

andy gibson

@ Jacqui / Cost Benefit

Finally, a mature response from someone not afraid to put a name to their comments. I tend to ignore anything from an AC because they're either trolling or ashamed to put a name to their comments.

I work in the public sector. The machines I manage are about 4 years old, but do everything they need to on XP. I'm not going to waste taxpayers money replacing them with suites of shiny new PCs just so they can do *exactly the same thing at exactly the same speed* but on a different OS.

Yes, 7 may supposedly be more secure and manageable, but that doesn't justify the cost or environmental hassle of scrapping perfectly good machines and replacing them with something new that can run 7.

The OS is supposed to work for us, not the other way round.

Microsoft's browser ballot bodge gets the nod

andy gibson

@ doc dish

Are you honestly saying there is no need to bother updating XP because its out of support in 3-5 years? You need to get out of your bedroom and into the real world where XP is dominant and will be for some years to come.

My enterprise isn't alone in sticking with XP because the machines and the applications we use don't requite Vista, 7 and the more powerful PC it will require.

MS plasters Ballmer's signature on Windows 7 special edition

andy gibson


This reminds me of that awful publicity stunt that Victoria Beckham did when her single was being beaten by Sohpie Ellis Bextor. That end product was just as shit too.


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