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CTO's man at VMware whistles an 'appy tune


Sun used the term 'containers' for some of their Solaris V12N technologies too.

Builder-in-a-hole outrage sparks Special Projects Bureau safety probe


Health and safety sometimes taking an extreme in the UK. Looking at these pictures, Rui should be your friend for life.

LOHAN premieres intimate REHAB vid


Good luck and look forward to seeing the sexy black number lift off.

The early days of PCs as seen through DEAD TREES


Fashion Victim


Your picture reminded me of Starsky and Hutch.

Asus offers compensation to pre-price drop Nexus 7 buyers


Getting there I hoped!

After entering the SSN number (printed on the packaging box for the Nexus 7) several times, I've managed to register the tablet with Asus.

I am now at the stage of sending them a proof of purchase of the tablet using the suggested email address. Unfortunately, I am getting an auto reply back from them saying (in Chinese) that their email-box is currently full, and should send them the email again later, or to contact the recipient of the e-mail directly!

I will try sending them the e-mail again later.

TomTom Go 550 Live


Is it just me?

I got one of this but my enthusiasm for it diminished a little when while driving to East Dulwich (set destination as City Centre), it was insisting me to drive into what appeared to be an entrance of a park- it instructed me to turn left to Forest Hill Road at Wood Vale, and then immediate left! The Sat Nav has the 'latest' maps downloaded/updated.

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