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Elgato EyeTV Hybrid USB TV tuner for Mac


Regressive Software Development

Unfortunately, the latest version of the EyeTV software (2.3.1) contains a number of problems that were missing in it's previous incarnation.

Gone are the asthetic-sensibilities of Front Row, replaced by a theme that absolutely REEKS of Windows Media Center Edition (Royal Blue, etc.).

The option to move to Front Row from within the EyeTV menu has also been done away with, leaving people sans Apple Remote no way of actually accessing the program.

That access is now exclusively via a fragile "hold-down" click of the Apple Remote's menu button. Unfortunately, this button is used extensively during EyeTV's normal operation and it's frustratingly easy to activate Front Row (and shut down EyeTV) when your intention is otherwise.

Menu Navigation has been made frighteningly fast - overuse of the Quartz Composer's capabilities was sighted as a problem by so many EyeTV customers that the company has since posted a set of instructions on removing this unnecessary gilding.

EyeTV also makes the very odd choice of removing channel navigation from the Apple Remote and requiring users to jump back into the navigation menu to move up or down a channel. This effectively removes "channel surfing" as an available function of EyeTV...something television enthusiasts have enjoyed since the birth of the remote.

It is heartening to hear that people are getting performance increases from the new version. But I caution consumers looking for a sensibly-laid out program to lower their expectations significantly until EyeTV chooses to correct these major oversights.



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