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Cloud OS crowd readies own-brand netbook

the peanut

Cloudbook, with erm, a big hard drive

If I was to seriously consider a (near)disposable cloudbook, then 16GB of flash storage would be fine thank you - not really sure what I would need 250GB drive for.

Java surpasses Adobe kit as most attacked software

the peanut

What promises?

"The software has never lived up to many of the promises that Sun made about it. Chances are it can be uninstalled from most desktop machines and the user won't even notice."

..and those promises would be what exactly? Ubiquity? Write once run anywhere? Usage in embedded devices?

Which of these has Java failed to live up to?

Ubiquity : http://langpop.com/

Write once : works for me on Linux, Windows, Unixs, AIX...

Embedded : yep it has those too.

References and clarification please, or else you are just spitting..

JooJoo tablet offered to Brits

the peanut

Caveat emptor


Point 5 in particular.

I know TechCrunch are not the most objective people to ask about this particular product, but still.

Google digs 6-foot hole for Gears

the peanut
Thumb Down

Might or was?

"Ultimately the search giant's shift over to HTML5 may in fact have been part of a long-term strategy at Mountain View, with the Gears API platform serving simply as a temporary doorstop while the company developed Chrome."

Ya think? http://almaer.com/blog/gears-as-a-bleeding-edge-html-5-implementation

Google stated from the off, that they would like nothing more that for Gears to be redundant when the browser manufacturers (all of the main ones anyway) got their acts together and implemented the Gears features in a standards compliant way (e.g. HTML 5).

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