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Granny friendly phones



"For those of us under 40".

What an ignorant statement - but one that is understandable, perhaps, coming from the inexperienced mind of a thirty-something year old!


The myth of Britain's manufacturing decline


Naughty boy, Tim.

I trust you are doing a spot of trolling here, Tim? If so, fair enough - otherwise, whooooooooaa there!

A country prospers because all of the citizens of the country have food and shelter, to say nothing of computers with broadband connections to read your words of wisdom. If we are merely a country of a few "fat cats", earning a bundle by making small numbers of expensive "stuff", we are not exactly on track, are we? All those unemployed oiks are going to rebel in the end - unless the "grand plan" is to let them starve - or, in the words of someone famous before you; "let them eat cake".

No, Tim. Making small numbers of expensive things, employing equally small numbers of people in the making is merely a puff of mist in the eyes of logic.

I think you are a Tory and I claim my €5...



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