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Gopher server revived after 15 years of downtime


Re: Apps

In February 1993, the University of Minnesota announced that it would charge licensing fees for the use of its implementation of the Gopher server; this killed Gopher. It was released to GNU in 2000.We played with it a bit when it first came out but Mosaic killed it quick. We had been using FTP for nearly 20 years before Gopher came out on Cyber Mainframes. I used FTP to connect to our Mainframes with My Osborne running CPM starting in about 81. Before that it was dumb terms and Apples.. Gotta luv the internet at 120 Bits per second. Damn thing still works too.

White LED lies: It's great, but Nobel physics prize-winning great?


40 watt equivalent LED replacement bulbs are on sale at WalMart for 4 bucks each. Every Watt you save is that much Crude/Natural Gas that doesn't get burned with drives down the cost of energy and cleans the air. 40 Watt LEDs will be 2 bucks next year. 100 Watt Solar panels will be under 50 cents a watt in the next 24 months. Ultra Caps will be out in mass production in the next 24 months for your home and car. We are this close to being 100% solar powered in the home and car in the next 5 years. Air conditioning and heating is next. And folks wonder why the Saudi's have open the crude spigots. You folks worried about quality lite for growing pot are a hoot.


Hog Wash...... The heat produced by a Tungsen Lamp produces three times more CO2 than burning Natural Gas. The Hydro-Electric power doesn't supply ALL of Canada's power and they run at 100% all the time. The Power Plants that do cut back are the ones burning fossil fuels.

US Supremes add 'willful blindness' to patent law

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How about Patents only for SUBSTANTIAL BREAK THRU

And not for obvious next step. And how about have a REAL JURY award Patents, instead of the person who file the Patent. I had to completely give up programming because you cannot develop ANY program that will not infringe on several patents. This ruling muxes the entire process up even further. Are they saying I can develop whatever I want without regard to any existing patents that already exist simply because I didn't check????

The Osborne 1: 30 years old this month

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ROTFLMAO I have an Osborne I

Stills boots on CPM and runs Dbase and wordstar , boots faster than my quadcore W7 machine. When I bought it I used it to log into the Mainframe to run Stress analysis and Process Syms. With a $1200 300 baud modem I could log in from any phone. It was great. I did the stress on several nuke plants on my Osborne and still have the files.

Programmer gets 8 years for theft of stock trading software


Yep it's theft allright.

As long as GS's trading scheme adds no value but instead drains Liquidity like a Vampire from the market place it is theft.

Godson: China shuns US silicon with faux x86 superchip

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Cool..... Competition

Always a GOOD THING. Can't wait for the Bulldog.

IE captain flees Microsoft for Google



Say it ain't so....IE anything Sux....

Child Support Agency system hit by new problems



Fire EDS/HP while you can. They've managed to screw Texas over big time. AAAGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Paul Allen's patent madness not worth single penny


Impossible to write any code

It is impossible to write a computer program of ANY kind and sell it without stepping on dozens of patents. Yes Virgina the system is broken. There are those of us who own patents and all the rest that do not. This is the MAIN reason that 20% of Americans have 92% of the Net Equity. Patents are suppose to cover the intellectual property for a specific device. NOT mathematics.

Google faces antitrust investigation in Texas


Stupid is as stupid does.....

Gawd, sometimes it's just plain embarrassing to be a Texan. Google is a private company with plenty of competitors. They can return whatever results they want from a search. Obviously the Texas AG has never used Dogpile. ROTFLMAO......

Steve Jobs and governator tout transplant reform


I DO have a Hippy heart

Still have the hair too.

Employers call for end to Mickey Mouse degrees


High School Degree

I have a High School Degree. Yes, I can speak the King's (Texas Version) English. My degree is from the school of hard knocks, 40 years experience in IT. Four years hands on experience trumps a four year degree any day of the week. Folks that brandish their degrees aren't fooling anyone. When the CEO of my company needs his computer worked on, it's my cell phone that rings not the help desk. Give me a 23 year old kid who just spent 2 years at a crummy Wally World Job and I'll make him/her a senior tech in 2 years on the job. You can't learn a skill in school, you learn it on the job. We only need about 5% of Americans getting a college degree. You don't need a College degree to sell Real Estate, or be a Policeman, the vast majority of folks getting a degree will never work in that field, they'll just work for a living.

'The LHC will implode the Moon or PUT OUT THE SUN'


That great big thingie in the center of the Milky Way.

Hmmm if black holes don't exist, what's that great big thingie in the middle of the Milky Way? Bag Worms? And why do stars orbit it at nearly light speed.


More like tiny Big Bangs will happen....

Tiny Blackholes are constantly being formed and then explode. If they didn't, they would have collected in the center of the Sun long before now and gobbled it up.There are much more powerful collisions at the Center of the Sun than we could ever make here on Earth in a Lab. My biggest fear from Tiny Blackholes is that they may explode with the force of a hand grenade. It is possible they they could be formed in the LHC and spin out at nearly the speed of light and detonate within milliseconds somewhere within a mile or so of the LHC itself.

Note to Captain Kirk: Warp speed will kill you


How to create a warp field

spin a disk so tha it's axis is perpendicular to the surface of the earth and the outside edge exceeds orbital velocity. It will begin to negate the Earth's gravity field. The closet thing to a Warp engine on Earth at present is the LHC. Fashion a LHC which is coil shaped rather than cirular and you will have the beginnings of a subspace warp engine. (Didn't say this would be easy)

PS The laws of Space Time Physics only apply to Matter, not empty space. It is the same time everywhere in the Universe. The "Clock Speed" of matter slows down as you approach the speed of light. In other words the speed of the electrons and protons slow down. Time doesn't speed up here on Earth if you blast thru space at Warp speed. Your atoms slow to a stop. To you the trip is nearly instantaneous. The trick will be STOPPING. Subspace is that space that exists beyond the speed of light. And yes Virgina, a deflector shield would be advisable.

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