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LastPass? More like lost pass. Or where the fsck has it gone pass. Five-hour outage drives netizens bonkers

Ian 55

Ah, that's what was happening. I thought it was patchy contacting them just because the network was extremely busy doing a large rsync between devices.

Is this cuttlefish really all that cosmic? Ubuntu 18.10 arrives with extra spit, polish, 4.18 kernel

Ian 55

It should - the kernel moves to 4.18 which knows a *lot* more about the Ryzen 2200G and 2400G than 4.15. In the meantime, I was using packages from kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/

Ian 55

Re: GNOME, KDE, LightDM, XFCE ...

I find the reverse. If you're a Windows user and you didn't like what Microsoft did with Win 8, what were you to do? You could find some shareware alternative desktop, but it wouldn't be supported by many others.

Similarly, there are programs that recreate a proper start menu for Win 10. Which Microsoft break every six months with their compulsory updates.

Apple too take the view that they know what you want more than you do, and - when it comes to the iPhone - are prepared to ban any program doing it differently.

With Linux, if you don't like what GNOME did with GNOME 3, or Ubuntu's Unity, it is utterly trivial to find another desktop. That works. Even if you don't go for a Ubuntu version with your favourite - and they cover most of them - installing another one is easy. At worst, you'll pull in a hundred library files to get working.

Ian 55

Re: Unity menus

I knew there was someone, somewhere who liked Unity.

I remember when it was introduced in the netbook version of Ubuntu. On those screens, it probably made sense. On a proper PC screen, it never did.

Ian 55

Re: "the system has a more modern and 'flatter' look"

"And what's wrong with Cinnamon?"

Or MATE - the evolution of GNOME 2 for those of us who think there was nothing wrong with GNOME 2, unlike the GNOME developers.

Pull request accepted: You want to buy GitHub, Microsoft? Go for it – EU

Ian 55

I missed the story back in June

$7.5 beeeeeeellion?!? WTFF?!?

British Airways hack: Infosec experts finger third-party scripts on payment pages

Ian 55

I do have a teeny bit of sympathy

On the one hand, companies are told not to try to write some bits of a secure system themselves, but to use other people's libraries - the list of people who thought they could do crypto functions and ended up with something less secure than ROT13 is very, very long.

On the other, they get blamed if they do use outside code and something goes worng.

Dust off that old Pentium, Linux fans: It's Elive

Ian 55

Re: GUI ?

There was a time when I used an old PC as a router. Then I saw what Mikrotik routers could do while still running off a micro USB power input. I've already got the cost of one from the electricity saving and everyone else is happier at the size saving.

Yada yada, take my money: Firms do not scrutinise software support spend – report

Ian 55

Having looked at a bunch of small businesses

They're nearly all crap when it comes to managing best value when it comes to contracts for utilities etc, so why should their IT spend be any different.

It was the lot who were paying BT to rent an answerphone they'd chucked years ago that I remember the most. BT was happy to take the money.

On the other hand, BT didn't make it clear what they were paying for and the full BT pricelist is a notorious swamp of 'they're paying too much and we'll keep taking the money until they wise up' tariffs and charges.

Brit escorts: Without the internet to keep us safe, we'd be totally screwed

Ian 55

That "Prostitution is legal in the UK, but not in a brothel or via a pimp" is somewhat misleading.

In England & Wales, prostitution is indeed legal and it's only the people owning or running (or allowing on property they control or assorted other things) a brothel who break those laws: both clients and prostitutes there are still behaving legally.

Similarly, when it comes to agencies, it's just those running them who are 'controlling prostitution for gain' and thus behaving illegally.

(There is an offence of paying for sex with someone who is coerced, but as far as I can see, no-one's ever been charged with it.)

Despite those, there are plenty of brothels and escort agencies. Why? The police have better things to do, such as dealing with street work (where soliciting both ways is illegal). If you don't annoy the neighbours, some forces will invite brothel owners onto a committee to discuss how to run them better rather than charging them.

Scotland used to be more or less the same. When all its police forces were combined, the one in Glasgow - which hated prostitution - ended up in charge and so they've done things like harass people working legally.

Northern Ireland has made buying sex illegal, as a pointless bit of gesture politics. Hurts the people it pretends to protect, but makes the law makers feel happy.

I don't claim sex work law makes sense. Especially as no money need be involved for somewhere to be a "brothel", just more than one person being sexual with a variety of others.

You Wreck Me, Spotify: Tom Petty, Neil Young publisher launches $1.6bn copyright sueball

Ian 55

Re: Music Licensing

Point me at that law?

Kernel-memory-leaking Intel processor design flaw forces Linux, Windows redesign

Ian 55


/I don't think it said on the box "Guaranteed Security At Top Performance For Any Possible Kernel"/

No, but it did say in the CPU documentation that it definitely wouldn't allow this...

Chess champ Kasparov, for one, welcomes our new robot overlords

Ian 55

Re: AI is what works

Yep, he's never seemed to be able to accept that the loss of the final game was his fault.

Ian 55

Re: Kasparov ... was creamed by IBM’s Deep Blue computer in 1997

He tried anti-computer chess against it, but decided not to do so in several games, possibly because of his ego.

Trying all possible moves is exactly what Deep Blue didn't do. What made the difference between the two versions he played in the two matches was a clever way of looking at fewer of them.

Crap gift card security helps crims spend your birthday pressie cash

Ian 55

Erm, why put the value on the card before you've actually been paid for it?

Currys PC World rapped after Knowhow Cloud ad ruled to be 'misleading'

Ian 55

Seen the 'file by file' comment above? Any thoughts?

Ian 55

Re: Lawyered up

So the problem was that you could retrieve the files, but only one by one rather than saying 'give me the lot, now'?

Why didn't you try restoring files earlier?

Change of user email address

Ian 55

And it still does.

This is not very sensible.

Confessions of an ebook eater

Ian 55

Re: 'Fag up'?

Troll up, surely.

Male escort says he gave up IT to do something more meaningful

Ian 55

He may describe himself as a 'straight male escort'

.. but if he's not doing men he is very, very unusual.

The leading sexual health clinic in London for male sex workers sees many, many hundreds of them. The last time I saw the figures, exactly three only had female clients. Not very many more (I think it was low teens) had ANY female clients.

The best book by one spends about nineteen chapters talking about female clients and then, in the last one, says 'oh, yeah, most of my clients were men' - but that's not what the media wants to hear about.

I'll take the sandtrooper in white: Meet the rebel scum making Star Wars armour sets for a living

Ian 55

Re: probs swimming against the tide but...

I'm waiting for my Death Star.

Linux 4.12 kernel lands: 'Go forth and use it' quoth Linus Torvalds

Ian 55

Re: Thanks!

SATA might well work. Things like the network chipset driver, the graphics driver, and much else will not. You can be stuck with the need to update a PC that has no network connection (the network driver) and will only boot into 800x600 (the graphics defaulting to VESA SVGA). Good luck.

Ian 55

Re: Thanks!


A PC here became terminally ill recently. It was possible to take the hard drive out and stick it in another PC - different CPU (different maker of CPU!), obviously different motherboard, different graphics card, different expansion cards - and have it boot up Linux without a problem, ready for work in 30 seconds.

Try that with a Windows hard drive.

Intel's Skylake and Kaby Lake CPUs have nasty hyper-threading bug

Ian 55

You mean the humble..

.. 'couldn't even multiply two 16 bit numbers and get the right 32 bit result when first released 80386?'

I had one of the '16 bit only'-stamped ones in an old PC. Windows 3.x was coded to watch out for them.

Ian 55

Re: Microcode is hard

Or 'We think there's a problem around this, let's discourage people from doing it'.

One of the issues is apparently that Intel test their processors less than they used to. Taking time to make sure they were behaving correctly was costing money and making them look slow...

Games rights-holders tell ZX Spectrum reboot firm: Pay or we pull titles

Ian 55

Yeah, yeah, yeah. This is bad parenting tactics: 'I would have taken you to the theme park, but I was too busy answering "are we there yet", so we're going to the bank instead'.

Virgin Media router security flap follows weak password expose

Ian 55

Oh is that all the problem is?!

I thought from some of the other reporting that it was something really serious.

Hacker exposed bank loophole to buy luxury cars and a face tattoo

Ian 55

Re: Notional funds and software reconciliation

Their website, probably.

Canadian sniper makes kill shot at distance of 3.5 KILOMETRES

Ian 55

Re: Canadians vs Americans

Assuming they get taken prisoner rather than just killed.

Ian 55

A Bridge Too Far: 'During the filming of scenes which see Anthony Hopkins running across the battleground, the real Lt.Col. John Frost complained of the way he was being portrayed, saying, "You wouldn't run the crossfire. You'd show the enemy contempt for danger by crossing the road slowly." '

Elon Musk reveals Mars colony rocket capable of bringing pizza joints to the red planet

Ian 55

Re: What about Oxygen?

Set the controls for the heart of the Sun.

In the week Uber blew up, Netflix restates 'No brilliant jerks' policy

Ian 55

I'd consider paying for Netflix but

I have a bigger collection of DVDs than it has films available to watch (not particularly hard, because the choice on Netflix is shockingly bad..)

Take away the genuine 'Netflix originals' and the 'we stick our credit over another company's 'Netflix (not very) originals' and there's barely anything there.

Ian 55

Re: What do Netflix staff do that requires all these not-brilliant stars?

Netflix degrades the quality of the stream to fit the connection if that has problems. iPlayer doesn't, hence it can pause.

No, it doesn't.

Two-thirds of TV Licensing prosecutions at one London court targeted women

Ian 55

Re: TV

It's always been why a large chunk of women are in prison: non payment of fines for not having a TV licence.

Skype-on-Linux graduates from Alpha to Beta status

Ian 55

Re: Skype has been on the decline ever since Microsoft bought it.

Hmm, I don't think I've ever had a problem with PulseAudio, despite its author.

Has your spouse stayed on after Mobile World Congress? This sex doll brothel might be why

Ian 55

On leaving.. you will make the payment in cash or card

Argh, first rule of sex work - even if you are silicone - get the money first.

Congratulations IBM for 'inventing' out-of-office email. You win Stupid Patent of the Month

Ian 55

FSVO 'early email systems'

Email: c1962.

Perl: 1987.

So only twenty five years of email systems before Perl was created.

WordPress fixed god-mode zero day without disclosing the problem

Ian 55

well designed with the best components

.. and yet it uses PHP?

81's 99 in 17: Still a lotta love for the TI‑99/4A – TI's forgotten classic

Ian 55

I remember it

I remember it being crap.

Pai, Pai, Mr American spy: FCC supremo rips up privacy protections for broadband punters

Ian 55

It's looking more and more like They Live was a documentary

Where do I get my glasses?

Bring it BACK... with MODs! Psion 5 storms great tech revival poll

Ian 55

Re: It's the keyboard.

Agenda is still my favourite diary app. I wish someone would do an Android clone of it.

Ah, the Raspberry Pi 3. So much love. So much power ... So turn it into a Windows thin client

Ian 55

Re: And the rest of the bill...

You're being bribed to have the kiddies only experience Microsoft stuff. You're being bought cheaply.

Blundering Boeing bod blabbed spreadsheet of 36,000 coworkers' personal details in email

Ian 55


"sounding rather surprised that a reporter would call her directly on the line included in the breach notification"

Boffins exfiltrate data by blinking hard drives' LEDs

Ian 55
Black Helicopters

Now I know

Why the Tivo keeps spinning up its hard drive even when its not 'on' and it's also not recording anything.

The Psion returns! Meet Gemini, the 21st century pocket computer

Ian 55

Re: Sinclair ZX Vega+

(Looks up the details on Companies House)

Yes, but only since April when the two who really have questions to answer were resigned.

Ian 55

Does it really cost $100 to add a phone to this?

How much are the patent costs and how much for the hardware?

Given the availability of phones for less than this, it's looking a bit like Apple charging you £100 for extra flash memory that cost them £5.

Who's behind the Kodi TV streaming stick crackdown?

Ian 55

"Netflix is much better"

I have more films on DVD than Netflix has available to view in the UK. Netflix had, when I last looked, six Italian films. I have more than that from several individual Italian directors.

It's embarrassing, in more ways than one.

Vivaldi and me: Just browsing? Nah, I'm sold

Ian 55

Speaking of dodgy default settings

"It’s hard to believe that so many legal battles were fought over IE and Windows default settings, for so many years, only for Microsoft to revert to this behaviour so soon after its antitrust consent decrees expired."

Gmail on Android has started opening links in its own version of Chrome, rather than your default browser / asking which it should use.

Welcome to my world of The Unexplained – yes, you're welcome to it

Ian 55


I thought that was only available on CD, for obvious reasons...

Ubuntu Linux daddy Mark Shuttleworth: Carrots for Unity 8?

Ian 55

"I personally don't quite get why SystemD is so hated"

Having just, for the first time, had a problem with booting the main PC after changing some discs, I do.


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