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Apple's Tim Cook and Salesforce's Marc Benioff DECLARE WAR on anti-gay Indiana


In the context of historical "black rights" and modern "LGBT rights" in relation to "religious freedom" the wording contained in the document


appears (in its generalisations) to apply equally to "black rights" and "LGBT rights" (AND potentially "Womens rights" and most other rights various minorities have gained since 1776 in the US - First Amendment)...

A lawyer would need to check this (as I am sure they will, or have already done) but I feel the generalisations I've noted are valid


How Novell peaked, then threw it all away in a year



After a particularly excruciating day debugging various issues with a Netware Server (in the early '90s with Netware 3 - just before Netware 4 came out - if I remember correctly) I came up with the following:








The company I was working for at the time upgraded to Netware 4 about 18 months later and had all sorts of issues with migration... The result: a move to Windows NT...


Give Google a COLD HARD SLAP - web rivals' plea to Euro watchdog


What about US-Bias?

I set up a web site 9 years ago hosted on an Australian Based Server - the Google Rankings are very, very low - irrespective of the google domain used (eg .com, .com.au, .ca - and so on for the 30-odd google domains) or the location of the person performing the searches (I have asked various of my world-wide clientele to do specific checks every two-three months and their results pretty much tally with mine)

Early last year I set up a different web site with the exact same content and the exact-same server-software (!) but this time hosted on a US Based Server... the current Google rankings are very high - and in a significant number of cases higher than our competition!

Interestingly Google crawls the Australian-Based Server about three times more often than the US-Based Server

Conclusion: Google favours US-based Web Servers...

Now why isn't that sort of bias being investigated?


Paper computers: Not mere pulp fiction


Paper and Future-proof

It's nice to see someone who is as sceptical about ebooks (books "printed" on electronic media) being more "environmentally friendly" than pbooks (books printed on paper) as I :)

I have pbooks that were given to me "as new" that are over 40 years old - and I have bought a few pbooks that are over 100 years old... I do NOT need any form of electrical power to read them and, when the time comes, I can hand them down to a future generation for their enjoyment.

This is not so with ebooks... If I have a pbook it will not vanish from my possession unless someone physically removes it from where it is stored in my house. If I have an ebook it can vanish in the blink of an eye if the e-publisher decides to do so (Amazon, 1984 ... as noted here: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/07/18/amazon_removes_1984_from_kindle/ )

But what about 40 years from now - or even 100 years from now... those pbooks will still be readable (and still without the need for any form of electrical power) - those ebooks will (most likely) be lost in the dust of history...

The ebook file may still be in existence on some Hard Drive (or future equivalent) but it is EXTREMELY unlikely that the software for reading it and the DRM licence keys for decoding it will still be available - the information said ebook contains will be irrecoverably lost...


Dotcom says German authors' society canned Mega launch vid


"all-signing, all-dancing" and "comnent stream"

I would guess that IF (?) Kim Dotcom's claim is legitimate, GEMA is using one of the (ultimately flawed) "copyright scanners" that can't tell the difference between original content and copies and/or plagiarised content

As for Kim Dotcom himself: I'm still not sure if he is flouting "Internet Freedom" or "Personal Gain"



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