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Looking for an Ubuntu Unity close cousin? Elementary, my dear...


Open source users *are* freetards

"Maybe it's just me, but I find this UI irrationally irritating, because it implies that given a button that says "free" I would never choose to pay. To me that's depressing in its assumption of the worst in humanity – that given a chance to get something for free we users would never pay for it."

Well as the author of a very popular open source file system I fully concur with that attitude. People and companies just won't pay and will bend over backwards not to pay,

I have not received anything for the open source I wrote for the last 8 years. Nothing unless you count possibly 3 or 4 donations of less than $25 in 8 years.

This is for a file system you will almost definitely have in a product and/or use indirectly when you use internet services (as it is used as a container file system in cloud).

That's millions of installations. Bitter? You bet. I stopped developing it in 2014.

Only recently I got approached by a major silicon valley internet company (revenue in billions of dollars) who wanted some advice. As usual they expressed "astonishment" when I refused to give it for nothing.

You're all freetards.

Welsh Linux Mint terror nerd jailed for 8 years


Re: Suicide tractor?

> Dim ysmygu ar y bws, diolch.

Surely Dim rhyw ar y tractor, diolch.

I've happened to be trapped in a newsagents in Carmathen looking at such a combination of wank mags and tractor mags, while the local tractor rally has had their annual drive-through the town. Surreal.

But I have to admit there were some nice tractors there too mind.

And I am Welsh, but not from Carmarthen.

2015 was the Year of the Linux Phone ... Nah, we're messing with you


Re: No one really cares what their OS is.

Nothing sucks like a VAX, as the old joke used to go.

The Dragon 32 is 30


Re: Duncan Smeed

Hi Xtramural,

I remember talking about learning 6809 machine code on the Dragon to my PhD supervisor, Doug Shepherd (RIP). To my amazement he mentioned he'd written the keyboard handler for it. Did he have anything to do with it?



Small firms say UK taxes are strangling growth


Re: Taxes or Recession?

@ iMlite said "Better to use contractors who should be undercutting rivals at the moment – I remember I did during the last recession and, after setting up my own business, taking on the cheapest competent contractors I could find ..." " - cheap and desperate!

Are you serious? Because if you are this is exactly what's wrong with the IT "profession" at the moment, and shows the workers vs management disconnect (dare I say mutual contempt) is alive and kicking. Didn't it occur to you to not take advantage of these "cheap and desperate" contractors and rather build a mutual beneficial long term business relationship, you provided a decent hourly rate, and the contractors provided high quality code, which could be trusted to work. Perhaps then the contractors might be willing to go back and do further work. It would have served you right if the moment the "cheap and desperate" contractors got a better rate they upped sticks and left you up sh*t creek.

As a contractor I have more than once shovelled up after "cheap" contractors brought in to do a job cheaply (who were discovered to be not up to the job). Usually the company's bad attitude has shone through, and after the contract has finished, with the company desperate to renew, I've told them where to stick their extension. It cuts both ways.

As a contractor trying to earn a living I'm totally fed-up with managers "getting off on" treating people like sh*t. No way to run a country and proves most managers are w*nkers.

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