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Ballmer begs partners to love Microsoft clouds

David 61

Lost Cloud data

We're MS Partners, but almost exclusivelty sell Linux based solutions (who, in their right mind wouldn't!?)

Anyhow, we got a call form MS asking us about selling their cloud services.

I said "Didn't MS loose a load of cloud data recently?" (T-mobile and others)

MS Guy just put the phone down... didn't even try and defend the product!

So, I have absolutely no confidence in MS and their cloud products. As far as I'm concerned, all their products are clunky and un-reliable... but hey ho, they keep us in business!


Facebook Places checks in to UK

David 61
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As a serial stalker...

...This is the best thing since sliced bread...


Microsoft hits stubborn volume licensing site with more updates

David 61

Our first experience of the site

We are predominantly a Linux company. Although trading for 7 years, we had never needed to sell a Microsoft Volume license... until a couple of month ago.

The process took 6 weeks, 18 phone calls and 4 emails. Initially, for some reason the site didn't work in IE8, but did using Google chrome. That got us into the site.

Next we couldn't order, it was 2 separate problems and MS said they wouldn't be able to fix it for at least a couple of weeks.

We eventually got told to call our distributor can get them to order it for us this time. MS then sent the paperwork to the client to sign and fax back, except the client never received the emails.

Eventually we got the paperwork sent to us and we passed it on. It was signed and sent back to MS. Turns out it was the wrong paper work that had been signed so we went through the same process again.

6 weeks after we start the process we have actually got the licenses. We worked out we lost about £2k in wasted billable man-hours... it was for 10 copies of MS office for goodness sake!!

Seriously MS, sort it out. Everyone I've spoken to about this has their own horror story.

Will we sell these licenses again? Only if we absolutely have too and we'll quadruple the price!!


Small firms say UK taxes are strangling growth

David 61

How much Tax!?

I run a small IT company. Just to put your comment into context. for every £1 I put into my own pocket, I pay £7 to the Tax man or costs incurred due to tax/government complience.

As well as the standard taxes; VAT/Corporation Tax, PAYE, NI, bookkeeper fees, accountant fees, company house fees, health and safey costs etc etc.... there are all the hidden costs, try and phone your tax office to ask a question? Well best to plan a morning to get that done as you'll get passed from pillar to post before you get to speak to someone.. then they'll tell you to write a letter to them and they'll reply in non-understandable terms within the nexst few weeks.

Just the cost of Health and Safety complience and NI costs would allow us to employ one more person!

My guess, by your flippant comment, you have the luxury of being employed, maybe you should try and start your own company and I think you'd get an eye-opener.



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