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Microsoft, Nokia, and MeeGo: Are they all doomed?

Dead Vulture

"but it's a shrinking market"

"Microsoft has just bought market share with its purchase of Nokia, but it's a shrinking market"

Strange, I thought the smartphone market grew last year:


"Crucially, the business as a whole grew, from 2009's smartphone shipments of 174.7m units to 292.9m last year, an increase of just under 68 per cent."

What is the author of this piece smoking?

Liverpudlians headbutt Cameron's 'big society'


A good idea, badly done

Giving the funds directly to people is a great idea. Now that councils don't even bother to grit the pavement or collect the rubbish, they should be dismantled piece by piece. Allow citizens to enforce short-term (1 year) contracts with private suppliers. Enforce minimum QoS and give them the boot if they don't deliver.

Typically though with the Cameroons, they don't have the balls to deliver.

Senior Guardian hacks turn on Assange


Radio 4 Today

Humphreys is a terrible interviewer, he interrupts himself all the time, so the interviewee can usually get away with saying nowt. But Assange came over as very creepy.

Who needs a CIA conspiracy when the protagonist is as ropey as Assange?

UK.gov ignores 'net neutrality' campaigners



My bet is that you won't be able to stay away for more than 24 hours.

Being an anarchist, Arnie - why don't you start your own ISP? Seriously. There must be a few signups right here.

Then we'll see how well you run a network.

Facebook follows papal line on censorship


Kaned by name

If you could spell "altar" I'd be even more impressed.

Apple as a religion: How the iPhone became divine


Stuff White People Like: No.40

from http://stuffwhitepeoplelike.com/2008/01/30/39-apple-products/

"Plain and simple, white people don’t just like Apple, they love and need Apple to operate.

On the surface, you would ask yourself, how is that white people love a multi-billion dollar company with manufacturing plants in China, mass production, and that contributes to global pollution through the manufacture of consumer electronic devices?

"Simple answer: Apple products tell the world you are creative and unique. They are an exclusive product line only used by every white college student, designer, writer, English teacher, and hipster on the planet."

When you ask white people about Mac’s they will say “oh, it’s so much better than Windows,” “it’s just easier to use,” “they are so cutting edge,” and so forth. What’s amazing is that white people NEED to meet people who use Windows to justify themselves spending an extra $500 for a pretty looking machine."

Most new 2009 EU powerplant was wind oops, gas


Thinking doesn't help renewables

There. I fixed it for you.

Mega new climate science: 'Runaway' effect exaggerated

Dead Vulture

If only...

"Doomsayers might need to be looking for a Vogon Constructor Fleet instead."

Don't worry, they'll find it - they are psychologically addicted to Doomsday. The Big Kahuna (Global Warming) isn't working out, so it must be Peak Oil. Or Ocean Acidification.

For a tech site, El Reg is a magnet for unscientific loonybins.

Apple's iPhone 4 denial: insulting or ignorant?


Speak the truth to power, Brother!

Yes, there's no story here at all Matthew Barker...

Just that 2m people have bought a flawed product and Apple pretends the flaw isn't there.

No story at all. Move along people, and let Brother Barker sing for you on your way out.

Apple iPhone 4


Career advice

Don't give up the day job.

The long and the short-term of it: Apple's future


Follow the cash

There is a small difference.

The Government bribes the public sector (eg, Blair and Broon's 2m useless white collar jobs) with our money. The private sector doesn't.

Apple, Google, Microsoft – are you a Brand Taliban or Brand Evangelist?



>> nothing wrong with capitalism in it's place but it's place aint as our moral compass. cos thats when the wheels fell off. <<

Capitalism has done nothing for your spelling or gramm-ah.

Prisoner of iTunes - the iPad file transfer horror



And useful too. Thanks.

Brighton goes Green


Foo bar baz fail

Which part of the Green Party manifesto are you denying is true?

It must suck to have to explain all this to electors. Not everyone is a gushing schoolgirl like Ozimek.

Dead Vulture

No friend of freedom

Jane Fae - you were gushing over this result like a schoolgirl. This is not a straightforward report, as you claim, it is very selective:

"Lucas will be pushing for a more equal society, with statutory maximum as well as minimum pay, positive action for women – for instance, requiring 40 per cent of board members of large companies to be female within the next five years – and a better deal for pensioners.

She will also be pushing for government to view drugs and drug addiction as health, not crime, issues."

Nothing about restrictions on travel, punitive taxes on alcohol (and other things the little Nazis think are bad), restricting science and technology investment to politically-correct goals. Encouraging children to snitch on their parents. An energy policy that can't keep the lights on.

All missing!

You are no friend of civil liberties. Please stop posing as someone in favour of freedom.


A lesson in democracy for you

@handle: "but you will just have to account more for the way your selfishness pisses all over the rights of other people"

Let me explain it for you slowly.

I don't have to account to you for anything . Nobody has to account to you either. You're a bloke in his pyjamas. The Green Party has just polled fewer votes than the BNP. The people don't want your policies.

Your views on what is selfish and how you should punish selfish people carry no weight. You can advocate yogic flying and compulsory vegetarianism if you like, it doesn't matter.

When and if you ever get a DEMOCRATIC mandate, let us know. Until then, piss off back to the Guardian.

Dead Vulture

There goes Ozimek's credibility, for good

After backing the Tories because he thinks they value civil liberties , Ozimek then wets his pants over a party that wants to take away more liberty than any other 'mainstream' party.

Punish drinkers (50 per cent extra duty on a pint of beer), punish car drivers, punish people who want to go abroad on holiday, punish industry and manufacturing, punish people with patio heaters.... freedom is strictly defined in the Greeny world. And it's all for your own good.

Sorry Ozimek but you can't have it both ways. Either your believe in personal freedom, or you don't. You seem only to support liberties of which you approve.

Police send Reg hack CRB check database



What's encryption?

They couldn't even set a password.

Internet abuzz with BitTorrent bypass code


Who's greedy?

"Greed can only go so far"

Wise up guys, you have to pay eventually.

Sitting in your Mom's house downloading every TV, movie and CD you want without paying, sheesh.

Mandybill enters pre-election wash-up


So when do they...

... start disconnecting Freetards?

And can I watch?

Net downloads cause 'millions of lost jobs'


OK so you don't like music

You like music enough to buy ONE ALBUM A YEAR?

So, either you're very tight (living with parents?) or just you don't like music. I suspect you don't like music.

In which case i'm not sure what you're doing here. You just like the sound of your own voice, I guess.

Ad industry OKs climate porn


"Ergo the science passes all the tests I throw at it."

Except the real, simple one: where you distinguish between causation and correlation.

Keep it up, though. Listening to guys like you talk about science and use Latin expressions is like watching those US talent shows where some trailer trash Mom swears their dog can talk because it can say "Roooof".

Global warming worst case = Only slight misery increase


"I myself am not reproducing"

That couldn't be because you can't get a date?

Just as well really.


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