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Attack code for Firefox zero-day goes wild, says researcher

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Safty first ? Only after the lawers!

The only time its going to become a *management* priority is when software HAS to be fit for purpose and can not hide behind the "Not fit for any particular purpose" which is the get out of Gail free card.

Once users can sue providers for crap software then and only then will market forces make software reliable and safe.

Ian 10

The problem with C / C++

The issue with C and C++ is that they are NOT safe and require programmer and expirience to add the code to cover for this.

Safer languages are not always slower. The solution is a language that is safe by DEFAULT and if required the checks and balances can be disable were required.

You dont spend time optimising the full source tree, that would be an expensive waste you only optimise were the bottle necks are.

Why use a language that is always unsafe just because occasionally it is an advantage?

MPs, Lords ask if Mandybill is human rights friendly

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What about my brother

No one that I am aware has asked the question - What if in a house hold a 18 year old infringes. The internet connection is not theirs alone. They have the right not to be monitored as they are over 18. Some ones human rights are going to suffer?

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