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'Negatively strange' antihypermatter made out of gold


running out of geeky matter descriptions

Yeh, fun wasnt it?

A "Positively Strange" article title!!!

Hull Daily Mail exposes depraved local porncoder


...cue the Godwin's Lawyers?... It's Merely Memetic

Fair enough.

From my limited understanding, Godwin's Law was actually:

"As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1."

I made no statement about the veracity of your comment, merely pointing out that the discussion must have passed that magical point at which Nazis were mentioned.

For the record, I thought it appropriate, but humorous and ironic enough to mention Godwin.

Just to add my own layer of (albeit inept) irony, of course.

If there is still an official Nazi Party, and the Mail or their editors are actual members, surely that would lead to some inditement? Possibly prosecution?

I appreciate Fascism is no joke, but it is present in many forms, on many forums. To the extent it is covered by freedom of expression, this is something we must all endure - but not silently.

Once more, apologies if I caused offence, it was not meant.

PS I would LOVE to see newspapers called out on their previous political stances, especially the discredited ones.


...........wait for it.......

Thank you, Mr Godwin.....

Forget SETI, this is how you find aliens: Hefty prof speaks

Thumb Up

I got it

but did not have anything to except for

"HEY! I resemble that remark!!"

Microsoft's wiretap guide goes online, security site goes offline


u have to ask?

Wellllll..... seeing as the data is likely stored in the U.K. somewhere.....

I would put it as pretty likely that you can be found.

Obfuscate enough and you can buy some time if you are worried.

It was sweet of them to provide an Orwell icon though

France leapfrogs past Australia in Big Brother stakes


Premium Malware - Special Price this week only!

I would imagine that once AV makers are forced to allow Government-sponsored malware, the code for these (once inevitably captured) will become the core of new "gold-standard" malware as traded between botherders and ID scammers.

Thereby making it LESS safe to be online.

Somewhat disturbing this is happening in France, one of the few western countries with a strong tradition of public protest. Places with less proactive constituencies will be that much easier to force compliance in - so If this succeeds in France it can succeed pretty much anywhere.

Chips make you chipper: Official

IT Angle

Spot On

Paul, you are correct -: the study was chips versus nothing.

So: Eating makes you happier than Not Eating.

And taller - the average height of a North Korean is 6 inches shorter than the average South Korean (who isn't starving).

I hope the Potato Council had to pay a very large amount to sponge off the university's good name (they do some good research, but obviously they were poor that budget cycle).

Even so I am now seriously tempted to go down the road to my local for some extra crispy oil-soaked denatured vegetable tuber portions.....

Aussie net censorship turning Chinese


More Poll Details

For those of us that still retain the capacity to read and understand things longer than 140 characters.....

The complete results of the survey (10+questions) can be found here:

hungrybeast.abc.net.au/sites/default/files/documents/Internet Regulation Survey - Report_FINAL.pdf

Among the under-reported results are:

Q5: If a mandatory Internet Filter is established, are you in favour or not in favour of the community being advised which websites have been Refused Classification and the reason why they have been refused classification? - 91% in favour.

Q7:Some opponents of the Government’s mandatory Internet Filter are concerned that if it were put in place, future Governments could use Internet Filtering technology to restrict free speech or block other forms of website content they don’t approve of. Do you share this concern? - 70% shared this concern.

Q8: Are you or are you not in favour of the Government acting to help protect children from being exposed to inappropriate material via the Internet? - 94% in favour.

These questions were taken verbatim from the report.

Q8 (a no-brainer) shows the sentiment the Australian Government assumes will allow it to get away with this policy, but Q5 and Q7 show that amongst the general population there is dissent with the government on how to attain this goal. Australians are not yet quite as dense as stereotypes make us, nor as dense as the government might like us to be.

(FTW the blacklist will be secret and not justified publicly, and no additional scrutiny or limitations will be included to prevent "mission creep")

PS: While the selection quotas made some allowance for demographic spread, the methodology of a telephone poll would have excluded those who do not have a land telephone line (such as VoIP or mobile-only).


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